Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Royal Occasion

When I was little lass, not only did I want to be a Princess, but I wanted to be Prince William's Princess.  When in high school, I actually planned out how me and Prince William were going to meet, fall in love, and woo over the United Kingdom.  Well, fortunately, that didn't happen.  I happily married my own type of Prince, and Wills married a woman so well worth of that future Queen title.  Although deep down, I knew it should have been me....Just Sayen.

Anyways, almost a week ago, my could have been soulmate did as I did a couple years previous.  Got locked in that ball and chain....happily, of course.  Prince William got married, and though I was not there next to him a the altar.....I was less than a mile away,  smushed like a sardine in a British sardine can.

Yes, my friends, I was on the same stomping ground as the future King and Queen of England, and less than a mile away.  I was actually right outside the place of their vows along with other nationalities from around the world.  I felt as though I was in a stew mixed in with all kinds of ingredients.  It was yummy!  Like the other billion people who were there to celebrate this joyous occasion, I was armed with my camera, my Wills and Kate flag,

and this cool little contraption that they were passing out on the streets FO FREE!  Holla!

This clever little bugger was a a generic telescope type of thingy that allowed the vertically challenged to see over those people born with the tall gene, in hopes of spotting someone famous.  I must tell you, without this cardboard box, I know I would have "accidentally" pushed someone aside or "accidentally"  hit someone constantly in the head until they moved out of my way.  It was not only my lifesaver, but someone else's as well.  One thing that I must add about this contraption was this.  Being that England was going to be infested with all sorts of tourists, including naive little Americans, there were those hustlers on the streets who thought that selling these things  would be appropriate.  Good thing I have no job, otherwise, my money would have bought 5 of those badboys.  

Onwards.  So as me and the hubby and couple of friends, nested ourselves within the B.O. and UK pride on the streets of England, my heart started to thump like crazy.  I had to pinch myself over a hundred times to make myself believe that I was actually here during this historical time! Excitement overtook me.  I mean, in the future, when they show scenes of the royal wedding on TV, I can point to the crowds of lunatics on the streets of England, and tell my kids, your crazy parents were there.  I mean, who else can say that?  Other than the other billion people who were there?  PaShaw!

So the main reason for me being there was to act all paparazzi and try to catch sight of the royal couple....and the other Royal couple, the Beckhams.  To my disappointment, the Beckhams never crossed my path.  (I'm not giving up though)
BUT, to my great happiness, I was able to see the Royal couple after they got married.  Although it was for less than 5 seconds as they zoomed by in their carriage, I was satisfied.  I seriously felt like a million bucks being able to see them in the flesh, despite the fact that that flesh was their backside, it was still in the flesh.  I even took a picture
Now, me being Amy Malan, I always get blessed with luck such as this, the product of my picture did not match the quality that I was going for.  Yes, this is a picture of the Royal couple in their carriage.  And YES, that is the camera of an idiot who covered the intended subject of the picture.  After I took the picture, and watched the carriage stroll away with melancholy eyes, I *geegled* inside at the thought that I captured them on my camera.  Then as I flipped through the pictures, I almost screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw this.  *Stupid person with the camera*

Wanting to run after the carriage after I discovered this mishap, I had to stop myself before I got detained by all the military surrounding all the Royals in this area.

  I then just took a deep breath and just tried to capture the moment that I was in.  I must say, it was pretty damn priceless.

I mean, there were all types of languages and accents saturating my eardrums.  You had people from Espana
Cute little old Royal couples from my hometown SF, California
Little boys from Italy
Camera Men from Berlin, Germany
Little old ladies who were just Soldier status 
And then of course, the proud Brits dressed up in funky threads.  

Totally my kind of scene.

Also, the pride that all these people had for this moment in time was purely contagious.
I mean, from this picture alone, my breath still gets taken away.  It was an experience like no other....well except that time I was in Italy when they won the World cup, but that's another blog.

As the day progressed, and although I was not amongst the wedding guests being chartered in buses to and fro to celebrate with the couple,
being there, feeling the energy of the day was enough.  I was satisfied.  And towards the end of the day, and experiencing all that I did, seeing all that I did, feeling all that I did, I began to realize that I was blessed.  LML.

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Gabriela said...

Chela is always talking about your blog and this is the first time I am actually reading it... couldn't have chosen a more perfect time! Loved it... I am so envious that you went and got to experience this rare moment in history. But you know what? There is no one else in the world that deserved to be there more than you! I HEART ENGLAND (I changed my wallpaper at work to a picture of us with the beefeaters at the Tower of London, just to commemorate the event!).