Friday, 5 August 2011

Hell yeah

Wanna know why Europe is so badass in my mind?


How cool is this piece of art?  How even cooler is it that it's in display on the middle of a town.  Yessir men and women of this beautiful world, this large woman submerged in European water is art.

This sculpture was made by artist Oliver Voss, and is on display in the Alster River in Hamburg, Germany.

I must say....the artwork is pretty dang gorgeous.  He made this pouting woman look beautiful.....and the fact that she's supposed to be naked in water....she doesn't look trampy at all.  Very classy!

  I'm pretty bummed, because I would love to see this in person. 

 But due to the fact that it's only on display until August 12th, and I'll be coming back from vacay at that time, my travels do not permit me to do so.

Oh well...badass....

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