Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2 years....and counting

Next week marks 2 blissful years of being a wifey.  So what better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than to take advantage of our location and galavant on foreign territory.  Yes, me and the lover are going roam amongst natives, become tourists, "oooh," "aaaah" at everything, digest all kinds of yumminess,  be lost in translation, and indulge so much culture our heads will explode.  I'm. Super. Excited.

Anyways....here's itinerary

First stop::

Fez, Morocco

I've always wanted to go to Morocco.....for this one reason

To see these stinky bad boys.  Tanneries.  I'm actually looking forward  to experiencing that bad smell that I always hear about.....Also, these look so pleasing to the eye, that I always wanted to capture my own rendition on my own camera.

I also love the design of many Moroccan creations, therefore visiting these
...the markets, is only natural.

Stop number 2::

Amsterdam, Holland

I've just always wanted to go here.  Red light District, "Coffee shops," bicycles galore, Oh my....GOODNESS!!!! I'm excited!

BUT!  I must admit, although I do come from a VERY free-spirited kind of place in California....the Bay Area....yeah....I still have a queasy stomach when it comes to certain events that cross my eyesight.

Like....I'm hoping I don't encounter this

Because, you know how these Amsterdam people be.....VERY open and comfortable with themselves....and apparently they don't really give a flying fig.....so, yeah.....

Third and Final stop::

Brugge, Belgium

I must admit, until the movie came out, I had NO idea this place existed.  I knew Belgium and its chocolates existed....but not this picturesque town.  I swoon over every picture I look at.

So yeah.....2 year anniversary....I can't wait!

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