Thursday, 21 July 2011

The other wifeys.....

As I am sitting here in my home, on my day off....this wifey can finally fixate a real smile on her customer service face.  In blunt terms, what I mean by that, is that I am finally free from being fake to annoying military wives that I encounter at work each day.  Sorry....but it's true.  Well.....85 percent of the time.

I mean, don't get me wrong, there are some military wives that are really cool and very laid back and easy to talk to.  BUT, you have another population of them who think that because their husbands are serving time for their country, and they won't have to work, and  live off the blood, sweat, and tears salary of their hubbies,  they feel it's right to act like they are Michelle Obama's BFF, and that no one can say anything mean to them because they are made out of gold or something.  But this is just my opinion.  I mean come on, my husband does the exact same thing as theirs, except he doesn't flirt or cheat with other women behind my back....jus sayen..... The tudes these wives exude towards me tend to hit that one nerve in my body that make my eyes want to do a 360.  I must say, trying to prevent my eyes from rolling when dealing with these type of ladies, must work my eye muscles to its max.

Again, before I get accused of talking shizz, (which I don't believe I am, it's the truth...and frankly the truth affects those only who are guilty of the matter) there are the wives that are normal.  The ones that act right, and treat other people with the respect they deserve, and who can hold decent convos with another.  I'm just targeting the ones that don't know how to treat the human race, who are annoying and superficial, and who are just spoiled and sheltered.

I love my jobs.  One is a one a day job working off base at a store name Boots.

 They have products sold around the world, I believe.  What my job entails is merchandising baby clothes for the line Miniclub.

Merchandising is my favorite, hence the job has become mine too.  Plus, I make scrilla in pounds.  That's a huge HOLLA in my mind.

My other job is at the Arts and Crafts center on Base.  Being that I love all things arts and crafts, I cannot help but love the environment I work at.  That is, until I have to deal with those "special" wifeys.   Now, I don't hate these ladies that come in, I just hate the way they go on about their lives.  I mean, coming in with the newest Coach purse from the BX (which, I might add is usually not up to date with the latest trends, just sayen....), or shopping with a bunch of other fellow housewives pushing strollers during a workday, does not make you high and mighty. Also, because you live in another country and knit or scrapbook all day, and have lunch with your girlfriends whilst other people work,  is no excuse to treat anyone like they are the bubble gum stuck under your shoe.

 First of all, a majority of these women that come in are usually in their early twenties who don't know any better, and are very sheltered from the world.  I kind of feel sorry for them for being so unexperienced and naive, but my sympathy soon vanishes when I hear all the, "well MY husband is a staff so and so, and I think I should receive better service," or all the gossiping and ish talking about other wives,  or if I don't get a "hello" in return after greeting them as nicely as I can.  Sorry, but if I don't get acknowledged for being nice, my bitch side immediately dominates my innocent looking face, and according to the hubby, it's not nice.

Another thing that pinches my annoyance nerve is some of the way these ladies treat their kids.  Now, I know I shouldn't be judging their parental skills, being that I am without child and all, but yelling at your kids from across the store whilst talking on your bluetooth is not classy.  Also, allowing your kids to play with fragile glass awards on display or thinking it's ok for them to empty out an entire tube of acrylic paint is not cute.  SMH.  Pure birth control.  Reals.

Anyways.....those are just a few opinions coming from my thoughtful mind.  I don't mean to offend anyone, I just hope that some of these wives that are guilty of some of these instances should maybe sit back and try to realize how you really are.  I mean, I'm sure deep down inside they may be a nice person....otherwise someone wouldn't have loved and married them, unless they did it for your "easy" going personality....only sayen....

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ashleydimodo said...

I feel your pain. Literally. Some days, I want to scream at the ignorant people that come in and treat us like we are scum between their toes. And if I ever act even the tiniest bit like them, feel free to slap me. :)