Friday, 29 July 2011


Guess what?  I'm still alive.  My husband's plan of trying to get me killed didn't fall through.  I survived the toughest obstacle ever, and I must say, I am pretty damn proud of myself.  I survived the Spartan Race.

Although I do have a MAJOR war wound, surrounded my little other ones, my heart is still beating, my blood is still flowing, and I'm still walking....just with a temporary pimp swag for now.  Whilst trying to complete an obstacle, which consisted of me carrying a car tire on my shoulder and walking up and down a hill three times, I lost footing during one of my journeys down the hill and my right knee decided to bend in a way that sprained the darn thing.  And being that it was only the second obstacle out of many more, and less than 20 minutes into the 5 mile race, I completed the sucker with a messed up knee, therefore messing it up even more.  Rwar!

Throughout this race, I had to tackle obstacles that involved the tire and hill gig that messed up my knee, crawling under barbed wire, carrying a bucket full of concrete, climbing 8 foot walls, jumping over fire, walking through a concrete tunnel that only allowed me to walk bent over for a 100 meters in pitch black.  I must say, that one was the worst.  I seriously almost had my first panic attack and felt claustrophobic for the first time.  Never again. Onwards, I walked through waist deep water that was cold like ice, crawled over a sandbox of ice, whilst have barbed wire over me, did pull ups, TRIED to climb a rope, get hit by 2 gladiators with jousters, and climb over a wobbly bridge of cases over ice cold water, and swim through that same water to the safety of land.

Here's a pic of that::

  I must apologize for the lack of photos of my experience.  Bringing a camera through water, and mud and what not wasn't safe for my electronic.

Anyways, if you found all that I described like good ol fashion fun, you are mental.  I kid, I kid.  But if you would like to join in on the next's their website.

I must say you do not leave empty handed, you do go home with a legit medal, and a cool t-shirt, and of course....war wounds like these

a super swollen knee....pretty

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