Sunday, 31 July 2011

RIP to a true artist

Artists and their work, come and go.  TRUE artists and the work that gets produced from their heart and soul, last for eternity....

As many know already, a true artist with an amazing gift of creating and expressing their art has sadly passed away.  Amy Whinehouse.

Of all the artists that we have lost these past few years....this one has really made my heart sunk.  Despite, her troubled past, I really had MAD respect for this woman.  She was so unique.  She had so much soul.  And expressed her heart in such a way, nothing about her was fake.

Anyways....being that I'm blessed to be living in this beautiful country called England, and this same country birthed this woman and housed her....I was able to pay my respects to Miss Whinehouse in the best way I could.  In front of her house.

When I arrived, I was overwhelmed with all the love and support that was paid to her.
There were all kinds of momentos of Amy....newpapers....personal photos of her and the people who left them

There were fans blasting her music from their car, drinking drunk melodies of her amazing music....

 This was her actual house.  When I first saw it....I felt this darkened aura surround me.  It was such a weird feeling.  The house just expressed sadness and loss.

These drawings and photos were posted and left right in front of her front gate.  It was guarded by 2 security guards who only allowed you to cross if you asked for their permission or had something to leave there.  

People left the singer cans of beer and cider, books, 

tons of flowers, 

personal letters written to her, 

more cans of beer, drawings, collages, 

framed photos of her, 

more flowers, candles, it was insane.  Yet very touching.

There was even an Amy Whine house look-a-like.  I dunno, this BZ hit a bad nerve with me.  I felt as though she was disrespecting Amy.  When she was interviewing with these Croatian TV people, her "sadness" over the artist seemed so fake.  She was even trying to say that she was just like Amy Whinehouse.  How she felt as though she and her had a connection.  This connection was brought on by their similarities in looks, the fact this this broad liked jazz music, they had the same birth date, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, fake, fake, fake.  I seriously wanted to cut that beehive off her head.  

Also, people were actually coming up to her taking pictures with her.  And although she at first looked too sad to take a picture with them, she managed to pose with her hand on her waist.  Whatevs.

Another thing that got me all grrrrrrr, was this guy in a wheelchair.  First of all, he was drunk.  Second of all, he was yelling that he was her friend.  AND he then tried is darndest to attract the Croatian TV people, so that they could interview him.  Then all of a sudden, as soon as that microphone was in front of his mouth.....robotic drunk tears started flowing and lies about him and his "good friend" Amy flowed out of his mouth.  Again.  Rubbish.


RIP Amy Whinehouse, your talent, your gift, your voice, and your music will truly be missed.....

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