Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Good Ol' Days Now.

As I was being a supportive wifey during my hubby's softball game for his work, 3 familiar words were yelled in a high pitched voice, and I was suddenly whisked back in time.

"Duck, Duck, Goose..."

Yes, after those three words escaped a little person's mouth, I soon flash backed to the year that I was the tender age of 7.  It was recess, and I was sitting in a circle along with other children of my age, anxiously awaiting for someone to tap my head and call me "goose."  Then all of a sudden I felt wet dog licks on my face, made by my ever so loving dog, and suddenly I Marty McFly'd into present time.

It was pretty weird and Nostalgic to be reminded of my childhood through the eyes of present day kids.  It was like watching Ducktales whilst eating my morning breakfast before going to school.  I felt young and safe, and the only important thing on my mind was fun. The good ol' days.  It felt as though I was a kid again right then and there.  And due to the fact that it would have just looked odd for me to join them, I was soon reminded that that was many moons ago...and the baton has been passed.

After a short second of being depressed that I was no longer young, naive, and innocent, I began to think.  Despite our materialistic  society that we live in today, somethings will never go out of style.  And I like this fashion trend that has been recycled all these years.  

I mean, after these group of kiddies got bored of their 5 minute duck, duck, goose game, they progressed to another oldie...."Freeze Tag."

 Acting as though I were listening to an old song from back in the day, wanting to say, "Awwww Shiet! I remember that!" Again, I had to hold back.  There were children.  But it blew my mind that a game that was hot like Punky Brewster back in the day, was just as hot like Lady Gaga in present time.  I mean, usually when things are passed down from adult to children, the children usually don't receive what was given to them very acceptingly....due to the fact that it's not cool to like things your parents liked.  But the fact that these children were joyfully playing games that their parents used to play when they were little people like them, AND having fun playing these playground games, kinda made me wish that everything in life were like that.  Simple, and innocent.

It kind of makes me look forward to teaching my future children the games I played and giggled with glee to.  Those were the good times.  The Good ol' days.

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