Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Good one Rihanna

I absolutely LOVE this video/song. I'm not a HUGE Rihanna fan, I just like her. But this one song/video is making me LOVE the bitch.
I'm a huge sucker for all things Beautiful and controversial...and if it is all done in a reggae beat, marry me. This video right here captures the best of all worlds. First of all, the art direction of this video is so pleasing to this artful eye of my. The over saturated colors, the usage of the colors to portray differrnt moods, the grittiness, lighting, the scenery. Pure brilliance.

The storyline is also great. The message that she puts out is so powerful. I've been hearing a lot of ignorant people not agreeing with the the message that this video sends. Hey fools....look a bit deeper into the words and the way it is portrayed. It's not just what you see cut and's called art. A way of expression. To send out a message felt deep down inside. It's not trying to tell people to kill someone if they've been raped....there's more to it. It's trying to capture the feeling of that innocent girl living her daily life and enjoy the simplicities that she holds within it. Only to have it all taken away by that one stranger who decides to take away her dignity and self worth. So the end, or shall I say the beginning of the video shows how something so traumatic can effect that innocence and their future. Pretty deep huh? Well, if you are ignorant, try to look more into the story, rather than judging right off....believe it or not, a lot of the world today is more than meets the eye.

On a lighter note.... I love the style of that Rihanna goes for in this song. Reggae. As I was watching this vide for the first time, my hips were rocking back and forth in this seat holding my bum . Reggae tends to have that involuntary effect on me. So anyways....enjoy this song/video. It's great. Good one Rihanna.

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