Friday, 10 June 2011

Bloomer season

I must admit, I have been falling off the fashion train a bit lately.  I've been so obsessed with building up my vintage store on Etsy that I have totally abandoned fashion magazines, stores, and websites to scout for little treasures at carboots, charity shops, and antique shops.  It finally hit me one day that I was slipping away from one of the loves of my life when I walked out of the house wearing the exact same thing I word the day previous...and to make it worse, I matched and looked very normal.  Very fashion faux pas in Amy world.  After coming home from an outing where I spent the entire time trying to dodge people I saw before....I hopped onto my beloved Mac, and researched extensively at the fashion that I so longed for and abandoned.

Well, after catching up, and adding a few members to my closet, I'm back to normal.  I find that fashion is also a huge factor to my creativity.  The different likes and colors of all the different pieces of clothing and even shoes inspire me to create and design, and it also motivates me to tread on foreign ground.  Travel the world.  HEART.

So anyways, let me get on with what I want to share with you.  During my, "getting back on the fashion track" journey, I've discovered a fashion trend that I know I will not be able to ever be a part of.


I think they are damn cute.  Not to mention refreshing to wear in hot weather.  Now, if you were a skinny little chic like this lass over here, this cloth of fabric will look major major cute.  

However, if you were a woman of my stature, thick, and full of woman bumps, you would look like Coco in shorts

It would look as though I were wearing underwear with a cute top.  And being respectful to society, I chose not to partake in this fashion trend.  It's a shame though, because I really love that look.

So for those of you who are fortunate enough to get away with wearing bloomers.  Do it.  It's really hot right now.  That's all I see in the store over here in England.  Also, a lot of the tourists from other countries that come here are sporting those cute things, and because a lot of those bitches are model skinny....they look cute on them.  I'm finding that a lot of young french girls wear them too.  I trust their fashion sense the most.  I must admit, I even steal a bit of their style when I see them.  Their ensembles look so flawless every time they cross my path.

Anyways...oui oui bloomers.

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