Sunday, 12 June 2011

I like the Green

Although the "So you Think You Can Dance" US version has kinda started showing in the states, the UK version just finished. The talented winner from our version was a Tap Dancer named Matt. I wasn't especially rooting for him....I never really noticed him till the finals....but apparently the rest of England did.
But anyways....strangely enough, my most favorite dance from this season was this one. A contemporary piece danced to the beautiful song, "Wild Horses." To tell you the truth, the thing that got me in this dance was Matt's partner Charlotte. Not only was she wearing my favorite color, and beautiful shade too, but the way she danced this dance, her expression, her technique, Muah....delicious!
Also....She was one of my faves from the entire show. She had such a bubbly personality, she did the coolest and fastest spins, and her nose always got my attention....IDK why..... it, and be prepared to get teary's an emotional one.

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