Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bjork for breakfast please.....

The other day, whilst I was driving through the beautiful English countryside. My Ipod suddenly played an artist, whom I forgot that I hearted to death. Miss Bjork.
Back in the day of my being a struggling student artist, this bitch right here inspired me, captivated me, and kept me sane during my heavy sessions of finals, and brainstorming.
When she popped up on the speakers in my car the other day, those stressful days of creating soon re-visited me, and again, I was inspired, captivated, and sane. I like to think of this lady as OG. I mean, nowadays, someone like Bjork would just get lost in the sea of "expressive" artists. Since you have people like Lady Gaga, Peaches, Kesha (who actually is just straight trash), Riahnna, all people who express themselves with all sorts of unique fashion pieces, unique ways of performing, and even having the most unique music videos. Bjork, I believe was the first person to express herself in a way that made people so quizzical, and questioned her fashion choices, with styles such as this
                                                       Her infamous Swan dress...my fave

Anywho, I just wanted to share what has going through my noggin this sunny English morning. Also, I'd like to share this video of her. This one is called Hyperballad. My most favorite song of hers. I would have shared the official video, but I enjoy Bjork when she performs live. Her stage performance is absolute amzaeballs!!!

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