Friday, 1 April 2011

Oh you Antique huh?

I love the word Vintage.  It's so.....vintage.  I mean, once that word comes out of someone's mouth and hits my eardrums, that word just infiltrates my mind with such wondrous things.  It's one my favorite adjectives. It just makes everything sound so much more attractive.  OK here, take the word, "jacket."  Now, add vintage to the word and you've got this, "vintage jacket."  Doesn't that sound more appealing?    I dig it.
That one simple word adds so much history to a simple noun, so much characteristic, elegance, so much szhoozsh.  Anything that looks vintage is always beautiful, I have never some across anything otherwise.  And in some cases, vintage can also taste beautiful.

Well, now that I'm residing over yonder in Jolly Ol' England, I have become acquainted with not only more vintage shizz, but with this one lady.  Her name is Antique.  Holy Scheiße!  I cannot get enough of this BZ!  She's flippen fantastic!

So, I've been getting heavily into my little online store on  My Prettyrubbish Store.
Pretty much everything I sell there is all vintage stuff that have I discovered across all the lands that I stomp ground on.  I mainly gather my treasures at local thrift shops, charity shops, carboots, garage sales.  Well, about a few weeks ago, I've upgraded to antique shops.  England gave me no choice.

Dude, everywhere you go all you see are signs advertising antique fairs
and along the roadside, you'd see banners like so. hollering out antiques::
Please pardon the motion effect, I was driving whilst taking this pic.  Danger is my middle name.

So me, being me, and always wanting to be apart of the hype, I succumbed to these signs and entered one of these glorious stores.  As soon as I set foot into that store, I felt like Marty McFly.  It was like a time machine!  
First thing you sense is the yummy antiquey smell....I love the smell of old things....except offense.  Then, because it just seems right to have them in the store, you hear the creaky floor boards below your feet making music to every footstep you make.  And then, there are the items.  I really felt as though I was invading a person's home from every decade.  I mean, there were rooms of furniture and clothes, and trinkets of every era.
The rooms looked very similar to this.  I was afraid to take pictures because as soon as I walked in a sign said we were on CCTV and I didn't want to get thrown out. walk through rooms and rooms of beautiful treasures, and every item you pick up never fails to make your mouth gape open and, "ooooh" and "aaaaa," and say, "Look!  You know what this is????"  And half the time, you really don't know what it is, but it's still pretty badass.  I mean you could find things that you thought would never ever touch in person and only see on TV.  Things like Old police hats, old military uniforms, a glass vanity 1920's table, a highchair from the early 1900's or even a little baby's nightgown from the 1800's,  elegant jewelry from flappers, hot iron hair presses, a letter to a soldier from his dear's endless.

Anyways, that's been my current obsession, and I think it may last for a very long time.  It just makes me feel so much more appreciative of all the things we've got and of the history that we have in our past.  It's like each item has a story, and this curious and nosey mind of mine, is always hungry for more.  I heart.   I actually even got the hubby into this whole antique scene.  Holla!

Anyways....let me share with you some of the items that I have found, that can also be found in my PRETTYrubbish store::

This right here is a crumb tray and brush...which was pretty much used to sweep up the soot from the fireplace....and maybe even as a dust pan
This is a brass salt and pepper and sugar set
This bad boy right here is a traveling hanger.  It folds open and close for traveling conveniences.  
These little guys are old slate pencils that had to be carved rather than sharpened.  Cool right?????

Also, being on the Vintage and Etsy hype, check out a good friend of mine's shop as well.  Wrenne shop.
She makes BEAUTIFUL vintage style jewelry that's just pure eye candy.  Not being biased, she's one of my favorite jewelry and handbag designers. Boooyahh!  Check her out!

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