Friday, 27 August 2010

English word of the week

I'm finding that I'm doing this blog segment as a weekly thing.  Therefore, I'm changing my English word of the day to English word of the week...for obvious reasons.  So here it is....the word of the week::


Earlier this week being the oh so careful woman I am, I cut my finger whilst painting a mirror.  Please don't ask me how, that would have to be another blog post.  So anyways, besides the automatic scream and jumping up and down with a flailing hand, I ran upstairs to grab me a band-aid to make everything happy again.  So during the few days of nursing this unwanted cut with a plethera of band-aids, I then found an equally careful lady cooking on British  cooking show and saw that she too cut her hand, involuntarily drawing blood with a foreign object.  Now, here's where the Word of the week comes into play.

So here I am, feeling this lady's pain (literally) after slicing her finger.  After recreating the same body movements that I have done, except hers were sprinkled with a few drops of bleeped out words (great for higher TV ratings), she then asked for a "plaster."  WHAAAAA!!!???   Yes, after hearing her ask for a plaster, I automatically registered in my head that she was asking for a full finger cast or something.  Then I thought, "Daaaaang, these Brits don't play."  It wasn't until the host of the show showed up with a "band-aid" where I mouthed the words "oooooohhhhkaaaaay" and carried on watching the show.

So yes, Plaster = band-aid.

Who would have thought of calling this little bugger a "plaster?"  Now let's use this word in a sentence. 

"When buying PLASTERS, I tend to go for the Hello Kitty designs."

I tell you, doesn't the English translation of English words sound so boggling yet cool?  I think so.

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