Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dog's best friend

I have a secret confession.  In a previous post, I blogged that I love taking morning walks around my neighborhood because of the scenery and it's a time to reflect and blah like that.  Well, I forgot to mention another reason. I love catching sight of the different type of views that cross my path.  And I'm not talking about landscape or wildlife.  All I have to say is you don't have to go to a grocery store to find a decent man.  Yes, I know, I know, I shouldn't be getting all googly and giddy when I see a gorgeous body of testosterone.  But hey, God gave me eyes, and I'm gonna use them.....and possibly my neck if the view is worth watching.

I must admit, since I've been here, I have seen more gorgeous men walking their dogs than I have whilst flipping through a fashion magazine.  What's cool too is that most of the time these men come straight from work, which means they are all geared up in their yummy business suits or half buttoned shirts and hip trainers.  Although I haven't been and wouldn't want to engage in verbal conversation with these pieces of eye candy, I have, however, done the whole eye flutter/flirting move with them and the "oh, excuse me" or the little laugh when our 2 dogs want to sniff each other's behind...BUT THAT IS ALL!!!!  I'm a happily married woman who just appreciates all things beautiful.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide an original picture of the beautiful men that I encounter.  I find it pretty odd to approach a man and say, "excuse me, I think you're hot and I'm blogging about the hot men that I encounter when I walk my dog.  Would you mind if I took a picture of you?"  So.....the closest thing to get the point across is to just post a picture of an English actor walking his dog, because yes, they are that hot.
PS  for those of you single ladies looking for yummy men, you are free to come hither and use my dog to catch one of these hunky dog walking're welcome.

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