Monday, 23 August 2010

Do as the English do...

Because I'm an adventurous heffah...I love to try out all kinds of food.  Nothing makes me more happy than to fill this jiggly tummy up with all kinds of foreign edibles.  Another thing about me is that I tend to follow the saying, "When in Rome," pretty religiously.  I like to blend in with the cultures, experience the true roots of things, and pretend I'm a local.  It's my thing.  So anyways...what I'm trying to get at is, I did as the English did and took part of a long British tradition.

So apparently, it is a tradition for British people to have a Sunday roast, well, every Sunday of course.  When I first heard of this dish at a pub, I thought is was just a slab of roasted beef that this pub made every Sunday, and that was their "special."  Well, until after about 10 more pubs....I found that this dish wasn't so special at that pub.....So instead of me boring you with the history and true definition of this popular English dish, I'll provide a link that will do it for me.  It's pretty interesting if you love food.

So anyways....what the HELL is in this dish?  Pretty much Beef or chicken, peas, veggies,  and potatoes,  all roasted (hence the name Sunday Roast),  yorkshire pudding (which is pretty much a little pastry shell), and all drenched with Gravy.  I do have to say, if this dish were sold in a department store, it would be one of those,  "it looks better on the hanger," type of deals.  I mean, when I first saw a  picture of this concoction, I had to sustain from wetting my chin.  The drool from my mouth was looked that good.  Now, when the food touched these open-minded taste buds of mine, my mouth was as dry as an armpit smothered with Sure.  My taste buds were not happy campers.

Let me do a play by play.  So the veggies tasted like frozen rubbish thrown into water. The potatoes were just a ball of starch with no type of flavoring ever.  The Meat had me flossing for dry and boring.  The yorkshire pudding made me want to upchuck all the disgusting for some reason.  And the gravy....was just brown sauce with no gravy.  Absolutely no taste.  I even tried saving this dish with a generous amount of salt and pepper, but to no avail.  I do have to say though, the only thing I liked were the peas....which is a food that I hate, pretty odd.  If I were a food critic for this combination of food, it would definitely get an uphappy fatman.  Not a good rating in my book.

Maybe the cook at this chosen pub was having a bad day, or this dish just plain sucks, whatever the reason, my mouth will not be embracing it anytime soon....or ever.  But that's just me.


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