Monday, 14 June 2010

UK pop lesson :: JLS

This posting is for the people who are interested in learning more about another country's pop culture.

Subject today :: JLS

What exactly is JLS?  If you were to ask a British citizen, the answer you would receive is, "A  boy group of 4 fit blokes who are bloody fantastic."  Translation?  "A group of 4 fine ass men who fuckin rock!"

They were actually formed about 2 years ago.  They appeared and competed on this show called X-Factor, which is very similar to American Idol.  Although during the finals, they were beaten by the ever so talented Alexandra Burke,

 who, by the way is FANTASTIC, they still are a badass group that is very close to putting Westlife to shame.

 JLS right now is a hot commodity over here in this royal country.  They seriously are some hot shit who make every girl melt and boil when they perform.   Pretty much everywhere you go over here, you see and hear JLS apparel,  JLS posters, JLS merchandise, songs, special guest appearances by them, and JLS, JLS, JLS.  It's ridiculous, but it a good way.

 Yes, I do admit to succumbing to jumping on the JLS bandwagon.  Whenever I hear their songs on the radio, just like a regular fan I yell, "JLS!," get a stare from the hubby and turn up the volume.  Then, I sing along and give the husband a private kereokish type singing performance sometimes sans the dance moves.  What got me that connection of loving them, is that one of the guys ALWAYS wears harem pants.  I give mad props to men who sport that beautiful piece of clothing.

A little FYI to those who like to be ahead of the game in the US, JLS are planning to do a Leona Lewis, who also BTW won the first X-Factor, and cross-over to the America scene.  So keep a look out for them.  You won't regret it.  I mean harem pants....come on... LAV it!

As a treat, I have included their newest song that they have over here.
It's called "The Club is Alive."

Here's their website  for more info ::

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