Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Around the world in a day

So, I know that I have blogged and professed my undying love for Camden before.  But I don't think that I have done enough justice for this heaven sent piece of Earth.  Since I have last blogged about it, my hubby and I, along with a friend went back so that I could prove to him that all that hype I was talking about this place was true.  Boy oh boy, did I prove it, and then some. 

So apparently when I first went to Camden, it seems that I had only gotten my feet wet.  Because when I went back a second time, my body got drenched and I almost drowned in this cultural town. I kept telling my friend, who went with us, that we literally went around the world in a day.

Here's the story.  So, when we first arrived, naturally, acting like a tour guide sans the waving flag, I brought Rick and our friend to the sights that I visited before.  To the cool market, the yummy food court with the scooter seats,

 the eccentric shops, accompanied with knowledge from my prior trip.  Now, because my memory capacity has almost reached it max at my time and age, naturally, we kinda got lost.  But it was all good, because all of a sudden, we were whisked away into another world and I almost drowned.  

This is where traveling the world in a day took place.  My God.  Words cannot describe the sights and sounds that I swallowed that day, but because this is a blog, I will try my best.  Also, I will provide pictures for the parts that I suck at.

The place we discovered was called Camden Lock. 

 And here in this world, you were able to smoke shi shi pipes in Morocco,

 enjoy Thai furniture with matching relaxing music, beat on African drums, 

touch Indian Jewelry, wear Mexican wrestling masks, shop for jewelry in Asia, bob your head to Jamaican music, gawk at American vintage merchandise, stop walking and every so often take pictures with VERY well detailed metal horses that were sprinkled here and there, 

and even shop at an Euro style rave, complete with go go dancers. 

 And you want to know what?  I did everything and then some.

Despite the fact there was so much to look at with such awe, there were also so many people to look at with the same amount of awe.  One in particular that I would like to blog about was this waiter that we had at the moroccan restaurant where we took a shi shi pipe and moroccan mint tea break.
My favorite part of the restaurant were these....

  So, it was this cool Moroccan man who is a resident of Paris, and was living in England for a bit only to learn English.  What was so badass about him was that he was cleanly groomed, wore a sports cap, shiny black jeans, yummy accent, and said "fo shizzle, my nizzle."   He was just my favorite. This incident right here made me want to move into one of the stores, and live there.  I mean, I wouldn't mind waking up to the sounds of different languages infesting my eardrums, seeing the different styles of the cultures.  

   There were so many different characters swarming the place. Plenty of what I love most, Harem pants.  Lots of tourists wearing button up shirts and the sweater thing over your shoulders, stylish french girls with pieces of clothing that I wish I had, funky knee-hi wearing Asian girls, men wearing zebra print leggings with matching purple mohawks, Japanese men with eye-liner and perfect eyebrows and looking pretty, Muslim women who's outfit only showed their exotic eyes, bright colored saris, and dread-locked rastafari.

Also, to top off this "around the world in a day" trip, my hubby and pal, decided to take the Underground ( the only way to travel in London) to Soho, another district in London and drink at a pub, then later eat Chinese food in Chinatown.

God, I can go on an on, but my battery on my laptop may die.  So, till the next visit....

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