Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Let's reflect

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So, again, as I was walking this morning I had my moment to reflect. Whilst reflecting, this gorgeous song came up on my ipod. It's called "Stereo Love" by Edward Myer. What I love on this song is the little accordion part and the cool relaxing house beat.
Before I went on my walk, I was feeling a little "blah" and kinda worthless. I was thinking, "why the hell am I here? What's my purpose? And when will I complete it?" Then when this song came on....I closed my eyes (only for a second, otherwise I would have hit a bush) and pretended I was in Paris or Italy, some place romantic. I seriously was in the zone when I was moving to this song. It's like I was in another place, and all of sudden my "blah" was sucked away and replaced with "Yeeeeyah Bitches!"

Again, I felt that the world's such a beautiful place, and I'm lucky to be in it. Especially lucky to be on this side of the pond and living this life that I was blessed with. Yes, I do encounter plenty of downfalls and negativity in my life, but that's only a speed bump that will help me learn to become a better person to other people and to myself. As for this purpose that I want to figure will happen. Hey, I may be even in the process of completing this purpose. Whatever it is....I should just learn to live in the moment and enjoy what is given to me. You only have one life.

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