Saturday, 12 June 2010

I love to random talk

Random 1
The look of Brass knuckles.  Whenever I'm in an accessory or urban style type store, I usually tend to gravitate towards things with brass knuckles.  I don't know what it is.  The design?  The color?  The sleekness and elegance of something whose main job is to do something that is totally the opposite to the targeted victim?  They're so beautiful.

Now despite the fact that I love their look and all, I actually do not own one or anything with brass knuckles on it. I feel like if I do, the cashier may judge me for some reason.  Like they may think I'm some certified husband beater or something.  I've always wanted to own a pair, but didn't want the label as a criminal.  My mind is twisted like that.  But I like it.

Random 2 

Another thing that I love is this type of style for decorating my house :: 

Love that old vintage Parisian look.  I slowly try to encourage my husband to buy certain elements that would complete this beautiful equation, but he tends to feel uneasy about me wanting to spend 100 pounds on a shelf that looks like someone's been scratching off the paint for the past 50 years.  

Also, he's a very matchy match type of person, whereas I love to mix and match colors and play with contrast, but with good taste of course.  But because, the lover is not as visual like his wife, it's hard to convince him that they really will look good together.  Sigh....I think I really should persuade the man to go to Paris and show him what good taste really looks like.

Random 3

Lady Gaga is my all time favorite LOVE!  Her passion for the arts, her randomness, her balls, her voice, her style, and her view of the world is such an inspiration to me.  She totally motivates me to do such outrageous things.  I'm so glad her parents switched love juices to create such an extraordinary person!

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