Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What us Celebrity whoring housewives do....

Alright, so because I am fortunate enough to be a housewife, I tend to accumulate a lot of free time.  Now, if you add being a celebrity whore and a music lover to that housewife role, the answer you will receive is a celebrity whoring housewife. Because I am labeled this type of person,   you will see in my blog, a ton of music videos and opinions about celebrities mixed into my everyday housewife experiences.  I thought I'd add these videos to create a little spice and escape from the everyday world.  Because come on, who doesn't wish they lived the life as a celebrity?  Probably not as much as me.....but I know you have your days.

Well, with that put....let me add another spice to this colorful meal.  Right here, I have the newest video from Miley Cyrus.  Now, I'm not a big fan of this annoying little chica, but I have to admit, this video is H-O-T!  Holy wow!  I love the concept of the video, the song isn't too shabby, and I just love all the visual eye candy.  The only thing I dislike is how she dances.....she just can't seem to bring it hard like the likes of Miss Spears or GaGa.  But hey....she tried.....I'd give her an A-

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