Wednesday, 17 March 2010

They wanted more!!!!!

Yay!  I finally cooked something that's super good! I mean, I actually made people want seconds of my dish!    That's such a huge accomplishment for me, you just don't understand.  I mean, before I got married, I was never ever able to boil an egg perfectly, and my cookies always turned out to taste like cake with no sugar. I think I have finally met my inner Martha Stewart.  Ok grant that the dish was only pulled pork sandwiches, and I got it off the box, but hey, it's such a HUGE improvement.  I think I finally convinced my husband that he made the right choice.

So I cooked for three hungry firemen.  Usually my dishes get out shown by my hubby's mouth watering dishes.  PUNK!  But this time, they wanted more of what I MADE!  God!  I feel like I just pulled in a multi-millionaire client to invest in my company.  I feel awesome!

I feel like cooking for the whole military base a cake......hmmmm.....

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