Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What's in a day?

OK, the name of this blog is, "My life as a Wifey," right?  Pretty much a tell-all blog explaining what an overseas military wife encounters.  Well, let me briefly describe what my everyday schedule usually entails.  Not exactly the most exciting thing to explain, but it's pretty darn cool.

Because my other half is a firefighter, his schedule is not the average 9-5, Monday thru friday.  Unfortunately (and depending on my mood)  fortunately, he works every other day, 24 hour days.  So that means, every other night I get the bed,   TV, and house all to myself.  But also, I mope for at least 5 minutes those days because I miss him.  I'm such a goober at times.

On his days off, our days consist of 3 types of days.  A) Lazy days:: where me, him, and the dog have QT time with our wonderful and energy sucking couch, gluing our eyes to the TV, getting up every so often to get food because we are required to eat.  B) Errands galore::  These days, we usually go on base to grocery shop at the commissary for our evening dinner, mail things at the post office, dog appointments, buy things for the house, etc.  You get the picture.  Or C)  Tourist day::  These are my favorite.  We usually go visit different towns in the UK and see the beautiful sights.  So many Castles and Cathedrals decorate this Land.  We are so blessed to be in a place like this.  You truly don't get many chances to see things like this back in the states.  Also, just walking through all the small towns over here can be just as breathtaking.

So anyway, today is a day where the hubby is at work.  So all day I got the TV and house, and tonight, the bed, all to myself.  Today was pretty busy.  I'll be leaving England for a couple months and going to my OG home called Cali,  on Friday.  So this day mainly consisted of preparing for my departure.  Consisting of last minute cleaning, my own grooming, buying things for the dog one last time, and taking care of some last minute bills before I leave.  Not too exciting, but I did have a couple of highlights.

I visited the local store down the street, dangerous location as far as I'm concerned.  I had to do a return and ended up coming out with more money being withdrawed  from my account rather than being credited.  This dangerous/wonderful place is called MATALAN.  matalan.co.uk/  This place is awesome!  You can get current styles for waaaaay cheaper.  Like I said, dangerous.

After running around buying last minute stuff, I sat my tired feet down and watched a few shows.  I have become so involved in the shows here, that I hardly yearn for the shows back home.  I actually prefer the TV shows better here than at home.  One talk show that I tend to watch religiously is Jeremy Kyle,

which is a Jerry Springer/Maury Povich half breed.  I cannot get enough of the Eurotrash.  It kinda helps with my self esteem.  Here's an example of his typical guest.

One thing that's flippen awesome out here is that they play Maury EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR. starting at the time 8am.  I can never get enough of those "you are not the father" moments.  I swear, HOW can you not know who your baby daddy is?

So after all the wonderful talk shows are over, I walk the dog in the cold English weather, which I find VERY refreshing.  I've learn to embrace the coldness blowing through my my short wifey haircut.  I've also perfected the technique of controlling my dog from whining like a baby every time she sees another dog no matter how big or small.....weirdo.

After the walk,  and feeling ampt, I then vacuum the living room, and do some dusting.  This I have to do with a surgical mask, because unlike the blessed, I have the worst allergies.  I probably looked like a hypocondriac if you were to look into my living room window.  After the cleaning, on to the driving around and errands.  Let's skip that and get to the TV shows again.  lol.  So entertaining.  The shows here vary from House re-decorating, to true-life documentaries, to shows that they have in the states.  I can literally be attached to the couch all day, but in this case, because I'm leaving, it's not gonna happen.  Too much shizz to do.

Pretty average day for a housewife, until you add "...in England."

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