Thursday, 18 March 2010

Holiday to the Bayyerea!

It's 9:24PM on Thursday night.  Right now, I wish it were 24 hours later already.  Cause you why ladies and gentlemen?  I'm going hooooome!!!!  Yes!  I finally get to be reunited with mi familia, mi ami"gos" and "gas" and a home where food suddenly appears as soon as I get to the table (courtesy of the parentals.)!  What is the mission of returning to the homested?  2 my older sibling get hitched, and become a legal English citizen.  Well....let me add one more thing, re-connect with people who are close and dear to my heart.  EXCITEMENT!!!!!

Only one downslope to this peak, I'm going to be away from my main squeeze and my doggie, both whom I've learned to love more than chocolate!  That's a lot of love.  Well....the lover comes home a week in a half later, but being with him practically everyday and being the only familiar face that I see from California, it's pretty hard to stop it full-stop for those few days....but I'll live.... Yeah, LIVE IT LARGE partying it up with my gal! haha kidding....he will be missed.

Going to miss my little Bitch, Katie

(I am not trying to sound degrading....people really do call female dogs "Bitches" over here....I mean, then even have "Bitch spray."  Which I had to take a picture of and post it on Twitter.).  Sometimes, I  wish Katie was able to talk so that I can call her and see if she's OK.  But I guess that only happens when dogs are animated.

Alright my fellow readers.  I need some shut-eye.  Gotta long ride to Heathrow, with a longer flight to SFO tomorrow.  When I blog next, I will be in Sunny Cali!  Bye Bye pastey legs, darker skin is moving in!

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