Saturday, 20 March 2010

Secret Diary of a Jet-lagged Girl"

3 in the morning.  One of the things that I hate bringing back from England is the jet-lag.  Trying to think of ways to go to sleep only keep me up even more.  Finding that calling the hubby doesn't work, and catching up on facebook and Twitter, only keeps these eyes stubbornly open.

So, I surf the channels on the TV waves and opted for my favorite British TV show.  SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL, starring Billy Piper.  I'm desperately hoping that my mind will think that it's 10 at night in England, and after this show, it's bed time.

   LOVE that they show this over here.  I also love that they show the current season as well.  Good job America and Showtime!  Although, back in England, the season ended a couple weeks ago, they are only showing the finale here.  Kinda saddens me because that means I can't live out my Secret call Girl fantasies through this show weekly.  But thanks to DVR....I can relive it over and over for 2 months until I am able to re-enact the entire episode when someone yells "action: or "how much?"

So what is so bloody good about this show?  OMG!  Imagine Carrie Bradshaw in London as a high paid escort....AND with a British accent, who's name is Hannah, escort name - Belle.  Now, replace her friends with a male straight bartender who secretly loves her, another fellow escort named Bambi, and her madame.  Ok after that, imagine her outfits being EVEN more trendier than Carrie's, yes it is possible, it's called London.  Alright, so after you've imagined all that, imagine the sex scenes being super sexy, super raunchy, yet super classy.  I tell you these Brits, they just know how to showcase things better.  
If you re interested more about this show check this out. .  I think my mind got manipulated.....NIGHT!

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