Friday, 5 March 2010


So I may be rambling bout how much I love being "miss Suzy Homemaker," but oh contraire.  I have goals for myself as well.  I mean, I didn't cry blood, sweat, and tears during college for nothing.  Not to mention use my parent's hard earned money to learn how to build up a cool portfolio and write up a resume.  Plus, I love what I learned.  I love to create things and make them pretty.  So yeah, I have a goal.

I'm living the life as the struggling artist, and trying to make a name for myself through my art.  My goal is to build up my name, have people love my work, gush over my work, and come back for more.  Also, I want to help out my supporting hubby.  So yeah, whilst over here, I have created some invites and posted it  on a website.  Here it is for you curious minds.   Mind you, I just started it, so please excuse the lack of quantity.  I find it quite time consuming to create and post, but hey, good things come to those who suffer.

Besides this whole business goal, I do have another.  Ok, so I live in England.  Who are my neighbors?  OTHER COUNTRIES!  Yes, my friends,  I plan to travel and explore.  I want to see new cultures, new art, new people, new ruins, new FASHIONS!!!!  I believe traveling is a great way to learn, and get inspired.  My goal is to fill up my world map poster full of push pins, marking where i've been.  Want to know the best part of this?  I get to do it with my homie, por vida.  So far we've been to Dublin, Ireland.  HIGHLY recommend.  People over there are amazingly nice and they sure know how to party, our kind of people.

I can't wait to decorate my map with more push pins.  EXCITEMENT!

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