Thursday, 4 March 2010

So it begins.....

OK, so I was driving through the country side of England whilst listening to Mika's :: "The Boy Who Knew Too Much", when this idea popped into my head. "Let's start a blog!" Yes, I have finally decided to join the bandwagon and start one of these public virtual journals, and expose this cool and exciting life that was given to me 7 months ago. So I took a few pictures while driving through town (I tend to live life dangerously), and began to brainstorm. It has always been suggested to me that I should start one, always wanted to, but moving to another country, adjusting to a different culture, and the lifestyle of another seemed to have distracted my plan. So finally, on this beautiful sunny day some little voice told me now would be that time. So here I am, and here it is.....

I would like to say that my life has always been anything but boring. From mingling with Filipino actors, to jumping in the Trevi fountain in Italy when they won the World cup, and just meeting the people who have become both friends and great memories. I have always been blessed with this life God has given to me. I was totally content with what was given to me, and thought life couldn't get any better....I was wrong, it did.

I got married 7 months ago, to my best friend of 7 years. He's in the Air Force, and is a hot fireman (no pun intended), and the coolest guy I have ever met. He's currently stationed in England, hence, my current residence. Ever since I was little, I always dreamt of living in another country. Ever since the big Spice Girl invasion, I preferably wanted to live in England, and so here I am. Everyday English accents smother my eardrums. It's like pure ear orgasm, when I go out to town. Seeing the quaint little towns, the mom and pops fish n' chips shops, with the local pubs sprinkled here and there, total culture shock from the usual big shopping mall food courts and billboards that infested the commercial place we call America. But anyways, on to the wifey stuff.

So yeah, here I am in England. I'm a housewife. Who'd have thought? Always thought I'd end up working in the advertising world with an exciting life, making use of my Art degree that I slaved over for 5 years, jet-setting here and there, having gorgeous foreign boyfriends. Nope. Instead, I'm a married military housewife, living in another country, trying to make the best of my art degree. But it's OK, I think it's better this way. Life shouldn't always be fast paced to be enjoyed. I find so much joy in just driving through the English country side on a sunny day, listening to my choice of motivative music, whilst smelling the fresh manure and counting all the road-kill that day has produced so far. I tend to be a  bit morbid like that.

Having never touched a spatula till 7 months ago, I have found that I love cooking....I even crave to bake. With practice, my baking has gotten better. My first batch of cupcakes turned out to be as soft as a tennis ball. Now, they actually look, taste, and feel like REAL cupcakes. Laundry is actually kinda fun too....I always look forward to the smell of the fabric softener that I bought over here. I guess that's a good motivation tool for me to accomplish that chore. I also find vacuuming to be my extra work-out for the day. It's even better when I do it while listening to some fast-pace music. I could probably hold a vacuuming work-out class if I wanted to.

Call me crazy for loving all this cleaning and housewife duty shiz....but that's not all I love about this lifestyle. Driving around during the day and running errands with no traffic, walking the dog after watching all the trashy talk shows, and trying to build up my designing business, are also something to look forward to as well. I have "me" time. Something I wish most people had. It makes you appreciate everything in this world a lot more. People tend to take a lot of things for granted, and that saddens me. People begin to forget who they are, they begin to resent things, and then they become negative. Negativeness is not a friend of mine, and hope that we never become friends.

So anyways.....that's the intro. I promise, all my posts will not be this long. I tend to ramble. So deal with it. Sorry to make you snooze.

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