Friday, 5 March 2010

"Hey Abby"

I love this town I live in.  It's so......English!  Walking through town, I saw three old ladies in knee- length skirts and nylons, chattering, AKA gossiping.  So cool.  I had to take a picture with my phone, cause I didn't want to be too obvious.  It's exactly what you would expect from an old English town.  Just like the movies.  Quaint.

Taking a few steps more into town, me and the hubby stumbled upon the Abby.  Here's some info if you want to learn more.  I'm not good at being a historian.  I'd rather teach with pictures.  But anywho, walking around the Abby today made me gush absolute Awe.  I had to take a moment to soak in the idea that, "whoa, this is my hood, my town, my home."

I mean, who in the States can say, "Hey, I feel like frolicking through some ruins today, let me walk to town."  Exactly.  This life right here, is freakin awesome.  Here's a few pics to show you our "backyard."

See? It's pretty Badass.  Or at least I think so. 

One more thing.  Despite the fact that we live in a little conservative town where the slightest pink hair highlight may cause an uproar of criticism, it doesn't stop individuals  be an individual.  I saw this couple at the Abby gardens meditating under a tree.  I felt a little touch of SF and Berkeley after seeing them.

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