Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Who needs coffee in the morning....

...When you have song like this to wake you up!
Please feel free to play this video whilst reading this blog...it makes it a lot more enjoyable.
Anyways, pretty ironically I woke up with the Folger's jingle in my head...therefore subliminally making me want coffee to liven up my still sleeping brain. Well....due to the fact that it was muy early, I have lazy tendencies, and I just plain didn't feel like it, I passed on that vote and decided to let a good shower do the trick. So I proceeded with my shower ritual. Turn on my Ipod in my room and peel off my sleepy time outfit. As I was sloooowlyyyyy pulling off my clothing layers, this song popped on. "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran. And you know what? I kid you not, my brain suddenly woke up, I felt like a fuzzy little kitten, and I was ready for a new day.
One of the things that I've always loved about England was the music. Ever since the days of 80's Brit pop, the land of the Queen got me. No matter what the music was about, it always had a happy beat. Like take this song for example, I had no idea that this song was about a woman addicted to cocaine until I watched the video. I thought it was a weh weh love song about what he loved about the woman he was jocking or something like that. It just sounded like a tune that would be about something as corny as such. I should have known better than that. The Brits are whitty and cool ass people that would never succumb to things cornbeef like that. They're too posh and hip for that type of beef.
So anyways, I suggest whenever you feel that extra umph in the morning, put some British in your music cup. It's way better than Folger's.

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