Tuesday, 12 April 2011

English 101 back in session

Cheers mate!

So remember a few months back?  You know, before I went back to the states because el lover went away to serve this country elsewhere? I had these little English to English sessions, remember?  Well Bitches, Classes are back in session and I got more words for you to enjoy!!!!!

Whilst in the states, I wanted to continue the classes, but due to the fact that the US uses words that don't even exist in the dictionary and shizz, I decided that wouldn't have been a great idea.  So, with that said and explained.  Here is the new word for the new semester::

Candy Floss.
(It's actually more of a phrase than word)

Before I tell you what it means in UK English.  Can you please raise your hand and tell me what you think it may be?

You, over there please?

Pink dental floss, you say?  I'm afraid not.

Anyone else?

A type of candy?  Yes...a bit close....give up?  OK here's the answer::

No silly, it's not the girl wearing a pink shirt, it's the other pink thing that adorns her.  Yes, my darling friends of the US, "Candy Floss" is indeed UK's word version of Cotton Candy.

I was a bit perplexed as to how this name came about for this voluptuous piece of sugary goodness.  I mean, I actually took a closer look to see if there were strings in their cotton candy, and thought that's why it was called "candy floss."  But to no avail.  Instead, I found this
Just a whole bunch of fluffy.  

So just a little tip for those planning on attending a carnival or a theme park in the UK, if someone asks you if you would like some candy floss, please don't think that they are offering you some type of hygienic teeth cleaner.  It is, in fact, the other way around....

Now, for those of you who would like to get extra credit, if you are able to complete this little step by step process to create some yummy UK Candy Floss, you will be my favorite pupil forever.  

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