Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A little bit of Paris

Hello again....due to the fact that we currently do not have internet access at the homested, I'm using this opportunity in this internet cafe to catch up as much as I can.

Ok, so Valentine's day had come and gone.  I was ever so happy to be spending it with the lover, after no such bodily contact for 5 months.  I was ever HAPPIER to celebrate this Valentine's day because this couple right hur, spent it in the city of Amor.  Paris.  I mean, WHY NOOOOT????

Yes, me and the hubby got all romantical  for 4 days in Paris.  We swooned, eskimo kissed, crossed arms to feed eachother during a candle lit dinner, spoke sweet nothings in eachother's ears, walked with our hands in eachother's back pockets, and stared dreamily at eachother and spoke with no words....only our eyes.  HA.  HA.  HA!  Oh HELL no!  Me and the hubby love he eachother very much, but we are sooooo not that type of couple.  Heck, if we tried doing any of those things, we'd bust up laughing.  Sorry.  haha  But we did act romantical and snuggled here and there.

So anyways...I'm gonna make this blog a little summary of all that we experienced in this city of love.  I have tons to say, so I'm going to break them up in later blogs, mixed in with other blogs.....Paris is so worth it.

First thing I must say about Sweet Paris is this....You have got to be a freakin millionaire to experience everything without seriously injuring your wallet.  That place is mad expensive.  I swore I saw Rick's hand quivered whenever he had paid the bill.  And at the arirport on our way home to the UK,  I could've sworn I heard his wallet whimpering.  No bueno.

But other than the fact that we donated tons to Paris' economy, the sights and sounds were enough to make up for that fault. Literally, everything took my breath away.  Now, a few years back, I did a bold move and traveled to Paris all by my lonesome.  So I knew what to expect when I came back.  Well, I expected it, and the dang place took my breath away once again.  Paris is like that the one gorgeous woman you meet, so breath taking and beautiful and you hate her, yet envy her for it, and when you meet again, you try to play it cool and prepare yourself  to experience her beauty again.  When you see her again,  the playing cool leaves your mind, your knees buckle with admiration and awe, and you can't stop staring.  Paris is that beautiful Bitch.

OMG, the sounds of accents that tickled my ears made me tingle with jealousy at the fact that I couldn't speak with the same accent or even speak their language.  I was also jocking their ways of dressing.  No matter how hard I tried to dress all chic and cool, I still felt like I was wearing a bean bag.  AND the food.  Oh, my, LORD.  I may have to create 2 blogs for that subject.  Cuz, honey, my tummy had never ever been happier in it's 30+ years.  The food was FAB-U-LOUS!

Ok....well....let me share  few pictures with you to visually connect these rambling paragraphs....ENJOY!

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