Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bon Appetit

As I am sitting here on this slighty sunny English weekend afternoon.  I am eating cheese and tortilla, and realizing, that it's not doing justice for my very demanding high maintenance taste buds.  Now my mind is flash backing to my previous galavant to sweet Paris...and my mouth is now beginning to produce an unstoppable amount of dribble.

Oh sweet you inspire me.  Fascinate me.  Entrance me.  Style me.  Feed me. Mmmmm....I love  me some french food.

As I am reminiscing about the first dish we had there.  To start off....the restaurant served us this drink that had no sexual innuendo whatsoever.

 Then these foreign speaking men in bow ties brought these bunch of pleasantries right here, I was thinking about how not only did it make my eyes pop open so wide, my eyeballs could have easily fallen out and joined the dish, but my mouth almost messed up the delectable pieces of edibles by my constant drooling of the mouth.

Every. Single. Piece. Of. Food on this dish was heaven sent.  I mean, I almost forgot I was married and was about to run off and have a crazy and wild affair with this dish because it was so damn sexy in my mouth.  When I finally looked up during those moments where I had to chew, it was then where my memory came back and remembered that I was married, and I was supposed to be having a romantic V-day dinner with the hubby.  So I looked up, smiled, said," I love you," looked down, and had an affair once again.  I literally almost cried when I brought that last crumb into my mouth, but those tears where soon dried as soon as the next course arrived, and the whirlwind affair continued.  After repeating this pattern for 5 more courses...and producing a food baby through this yummy was served,
 the bill was paid, and I had to unwillingly leave the restaurant to sightsee and then later sleep and dream about what else will be invading my mouth the next day.

So the next day, we are off to see Paris.  Sights , sounds, history, yada, yada, yada.  Let's get back to the good stuff.  Before leaving, I made a list of all the MUST eats for the trip.  Pretty much all my favorite food::
My wonderful Creme Brulee, WHICH I might add,  I was super disappointed with.  See, a few years back I travelled to Paris alone mainly for the purpose of shopping and eating an authentic Creme Brulee.  Well, being that I was alone, afraid, and knew no speck of French, when I ordered my creme brulee and discovered I ordered what looked like a flan, I figured that I probably ordered the wrong thing.  So, on this trip, I wanted to redeem myself and get a REAL one.  Well....being that I was more confident, and I actually read the sign this time, I ordered my favorite dessert, and came up with the same thing I had a few years ago.  A flan.   I guess, this is the real thang.  Eh.  I'll do with an American version please.  But the"flan" was pretty good though.

Ok, next item on my list was this.  French onion soup.  No disappointment here.  I didn't care how many times I burnt my tongue eating this.  It was totally worth it.  Again, my married life soon escaped my mind whilst sipping on this handsome little devil.  I licked this bowl dry down to it's core.  I didn't care how I looked to the fellow French people dining in this same cafe, I just thought of it as me helping out the dish washing person in the kitchen.

Next dish I wanted to feast on was Priority on my list.  Sorry animal activists.....But Foie Gras was my numero uno thing to much on.  I couldn't get enough of this.  Just the way this buttery pate' melted in my mouth, with that yummy duck essence escaping and dancing on my hungry tastebuds.  I never wanted the experience to end.  After I finished the whole pate....I found myself, again, licking the knife that I was using and licking it in such a way, I had to have my own movie rating to be seen by the public.  Sigh....I feel bad for that poor duck, but thank you also poor duck for making me a happy fat girl.

Alrighty.  SO those were the main dishes that got me all happy and shizz...but I did eat other ones as well.  Take a look
A yummy crepe.  Although it only contained ham and cheese, this crepe was amazing.  I dunno what they put.  Maybe they had their own type of french MSG that made it taste good.  IDK, whatever it was...standing ovation.

Of course, being American, me and the man couldn't resist the urge to buy nachos.  And yes, it did taste as good as it looks.  Cheesy, juicy, flavorful, and crunchy.  Perfect requirements to make the perfect nachos.

Being that I don't understand a lot of French, I ordered this dish in a restaurant.  Salmon and a bagel.  It was AOK.  What was better were its friend...Le French Fries.

So towards the end of the trip, our wallets were soon running dry.  So being that we had to do the cheap route, we decided to dine on some good ol' fast food.  I must say, no fast food hamburger had made me cuss out of amazement ever.  The French, no matter how un-elegant the food may be, the taste will never let you down.  This hamburger was so good in my mouth, I almost melted in my chair.  Sigh.  Why can't I cook like the french?  

And then there were the foods that were there to just please your eyes.  
I wanted to eat the whole store...including the structure that housed these edibles.

Except for this fella...I just took it's picture because it was pretty impressive to look at.  But I was rather intimidated to pop this one in my mouth.  *wink*

And then of course, everything that I ate was then topped off with a coffee
I had to keep it french...minus the ciggy hanging from my fingertips.  

Sigh.  I love Paris.  Thank you, for making my belly a happy belly.  Till the next meal....

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Rene M. said...

I officially need to go to Paris. Omg everything looks amazing! Minus the creme brûlée I think I will stick to Bobo's as I am not the biggest flan fan lol. I'm jelly of you Amy!