Friday, 13 August 2010

Oh, stole my stomach

So I know it's been a while since I've done a proper blog where I lay out my thoughts about my adventures over here across the pond. I've noticed that my past few blogs were quickies with not enough foreplay. But I must say, for someone who's unemployed, life has surprisingly become muy busy.  So for the next couple weeks, you'll be expecting some real blog postings...with real thoughts, good or bad about life out yonder.

Anywho, as you may know from a previous post, my one year anniversary of being a happy wifey to my wonderful hubby has passed.  Being the unique couple we are, we decided to fly out to Berlin for a few days to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  Ok, it wasn't our first choice....but it was the cheapest...BUT  I must say, I'm so glad we went there.

Berlin, is such a cool and awesome place.  Not only was it full of beautiful sights, and history, but it was full of artsy fartsy eye candy with an urban flair.  So my steelo.  Although I can easily blog about the sights, sounds, and feel of Berlin....I'm going to blog about another sense about Berlin before the memory goes away.  Taste.

Yes, Germany has procreated some of the most delicious food my taste buds have ever encountered.  If I were to stay there for another week, I could have easily become a BMW (Big Military Wife), and we don't want that.  Before our trip, the first thing people would tell me to look out for was the food.  Forget about the sights and history, forget about the shopping,  but head straight for the food.  Honestly, because we live in England, where the food pretty much tastes like cardboard with a bit of sauce, I was thinking that these people were saying this about Germany's food because our taste buds were so deprived over here.  My oh my, I must say, I was happily proven wrong...

Germany's food is heaven on earth.  It's like a magical moment dancing in your mouth once you touch it.  I couldn't get enough.  Here's some of the concoctions I gave my heart to ::

Ok, so this right here is a beast that I conquered with sooooo much happiness and passion.  This is a Doner.  To me, it's a mix of a schwarma and a gyro.  The thing that I LOVED about this the most was the crunchy bread that engulfed this beautiful monster.  Also, my hubby added some goat cheese to it which made it THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!

These next 2 pictures are examples if why a lot of German ladies can be a bit on the robust side.  Tons of Sausages and pretzel (which they call bretzels) carts are sprinkled all around the city.  I say, you need to have extreme will power to live here, seriously don't know how Heidi Klum did it.

One of the dishes that I was told was a must try were schnitzels.  A schnitzel is pretty much a slab of pork in batter.  I think it may be either fried or baked....I'm thinking both.  One way that this schnitzel is prepared is as a Jager Schnitzel.  Pretty much it's smothered with mushrooms and this sauce that makes me twitch if I don't have one for the day.  SO, addicting.  
Here are the Jager schnitzels

This is a Schnitzel plain.
The hubby had  the same, but his was with boiled potatoes and carrots.  Wish I got his instead.

Now, of course I also had to try the infamous bratwurst.  This is how they serve it.

When I first saw someone eating it, I thought that they were on some atkins diet, since it was sans a whole loaf of bread.  Only to discover, this is how about 90% of the sausage booths serve their bratwurst.  Seems the main reason for the bun is so that you don't burn your hand when devouring this yummy piece of meat.  Germans are so clever.

One way that they prepare their sausage, which is my favorite, is in the form of currywurst.  I think that this is a big thing over in Germany, because apparently, they have a museum dedicated to this sausage.  And yes, I did attend that museum.
But anywho, this sausage is prepared with a type of curry/tomato paste, sprinkled with curry powder.  Please hold....I need to wipe my mouth.

Now, of course, you can't have your sausages without your fries....Germans call it Pommes Frittes.  I like that name better.  Anyways,  I would have to say, these are the best bunch of fried potatoes I have ever digested.  It's like they fry it in butter.  McDonald's got nothin on these bad boys.

So....what's for dessert?  Here, let me show you.  Please have a bib nearby...

Creme Brulee

A Vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake hugged with dark chocolate.  Pimple city.
And to match the size of their sausages, a Twix extra.  
Ok, for this next picture, you have to imagine a drumroll.....ready?

Ta Da!!!!  This masterpiece here is called Spaghetti Ice Cream.  What it is, is vanilla ice cream put through a spaghetti strainer and put into a bowl that already is half full of whip cream, topped with strawberry syrup and white chocolate bits.  With a wafer for good luck.

This was like fairy dust in a up.  MAGICAL.  

Sigh....although, I did come back to the UK 5 pounds heavier....I am 5 times happier.  No wonder the Germans are such happy people...

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