Thursday, 19 August 2010

I got the blues for some shoes

Alrighty.  Let's get all fashion column here for a minute.  So over here in Europe, the trends and styles tend to skip a grade ahead of the style back in the states....especially when it refers to the subject of West coast.  So for those of you West coast's a little tip, if you would like to call it a tip.

Being a suzy homemaker, where some of my job titles include:: cooking, cleaning, donating to the economy via shopping, keeping the couch warm by watching TV,  and supporting the internet,  I am then able to keep up with the fashion world....which is one of my favorite worlds.

So with intensive research and observation, I've noticed a fashion trend that I never thought would happen::

Blue shoes

And it's not the color blue that got me all surprised, blue happens to be an occasional color accent in some of my outfit choices, but it's the shade of the blue that has been picked.  It's an odd shade of blue to me, and being a lover of colors....I dunno some of the outfits arranged to be committed with these eccentric shades of blue just don't get my eyebuds all tingly.  

I do have to say, the pictures that I have chosen don't really justify what I'm talking about, because these  blue shoes actually look cute with the chosen outfit (well except for the dude and the vespa pic)....but being a TV supporter, I've seen a few blue shoe outfits that made me quite quizzed.  Maybe, I'm slowly losing my fashion sense, or I just haven't had time to let this trend settle in...but as of right now I can honestly say that this trend may be a "what were they thinking?" in my own imaginary fashion magazine.

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