Monday, 21 June 2010

World Cup Frenzie

Once upon a time, in a land called Italy where the gorgeous people roam,  it was the year 2006 and I found myself amidst an entire country cheering for dear life whilst waving their country's flag with such pride and swimming with fellow Italians in the Trevi Fountain.  Which, by the way is an illegal thing to do.  I like to live like in the fast lane.  It was a moment in my life which I will never forget.  It was also a time where I learned how much of an impact the World Cup can have on one country.

Whilst we were watching the 2006 World cup  :: Italy Vs. France, me and my pals were watching the game amongst the Italians on their native soil.  After they won the World cup, I finally discovered just how much these people LOVE this sport.  It's A-mazing.  They joy and pride that they exuded that night was so contagious that for a quick second I felt like I had Italian parents and felt like chanting in their native tongue, although the only thing I knew how to say was "Quanto es?"

Four years later, and now I'm in England.  It's pretty fucking cool that I get to be in a foreign country when a World Cup occurs once again.  So anyways, here I am, and here are my thoughts about one of the best sports ever invented.

Now, it's World cup 2010 and I get to see the type of hype that goes on leading up to that final game.  I would say a month before the World cup games started over here in England, I saw the pride slowly creep up to take over this country.  For the longest time, I thought that England's St. George flag, which is the flag they use to represent their football team,  was the Swiss flag, and that the people that had these flags hanging out of their windows were Swiss people.  Yeah, that's how much I knew about this God given game.

So now, the games have begun....and so has the country's pride and celebrating.  I swear, everywhere you go over here, all you see are the England flags.  They seriously are invading this country, and I'm not exaggerating.  Here, let me prove it.

First, let me prove it in pictures.

Get the message?  Yes, they are everywhere.  I must admit, I have jumped onto the English bandwagon and bought me an inflatable St. Georges hand and put in our window, hoping to prevent a tire slashing.  :)  Plus, it was only 50 pence.

Ok, so on top of everything being decorated with the St. Georges flag, England has also come up with deals.  What deals?  You ask?  Well, according to some of the commercials I've seen on the telly, apparently, some financial company has advertised that if England wins the world cup, all their clients will receive a bonus in their account.  Also, tons of restaurants are giving customers 50% off their meals on weekends, and some are even giving a free meal if England wins the world cup.  Therefore....yes, I do root for England a tid bit deep down inside.  Another thing, you literally can buy a loaf of bread or frozen pizza big enough to feed a family of 7 for only 1 pound.  This too is amazing.

Another amazing thing that I must add that I wish the states honored is this one thing.  I heard this just over the weekend.  Apparently, if you are working during the same time your home country is playing, you are able to take that day off just to watch your team play. wonder the World loves this sport so much.



Chela said...

LOL... out here in SF downtown Civic Center, they're playing the World Cup matches on a big screen. During lunch, everyone goes out to watch. There are also little kids playing soccer in a faux field by city hall! World Cup madness!!! Love it!

aimes88 said...

LOL. Yeah. It's crazy. Every time England plays over here, it's like a ghost town. Man, I forgot to mention that in the blog. oh well.