Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Amy can cook

So as you all know, I'm  a full time wifey.  USUALLY house wives tend to have a good reputation in the cooking department, USUALLY.  Now, because I'm a different kind of wifey, I don't fall into that category unfortunately....for my husband especially.  I seriously have to thank my lucky stars for the fact that the hubby can cook, otherwise we'd be munching on hungry man's TV dinners or going in debt for eating out every day. 
Before I got married, I was known to be a hot mess in the kitchen.  I couldn't as so much boil eggs without causing a dramtic moment, by either burning myself or cracking an egg thinking it was cooked, only to find cracked eggs shells and yolk streaming down my hands 30 seconds later.  Now that I have time to practice with the right tools and get to use my own space in my own kitchen, I would have to say that I have gotten better.  Of couse, I do get visited by the unwanted burn or cut from certain kitchen appliances or food, but I would have to say that I went from being a real big hot mess to just a hot mess.

 Not only have my dishes slowly gained taste, but the quantity and the variey have grown as well.  Before marriage, the most gourmet dish I cooked was psta salad.  Now my cooking portfolio varies from Kare Kare (a delish filipino dish), to my infamous Pulled pork,  to lasagna, and green bean casserole.

Although I am able to cook a plethera of dishes, my hubby is still not fully satisfied with the tastes of some. You see, fortunately and unfortunately my mother in law is a bomb ass cook.  So, I am constantly getting compared, which sucks, but at the same time motivates and brings out the Rachel Ray in me.

So last night....I have hit a climax in my kitchen career.  Rick finally liked a dish that I cooked.  So much, I actually got a "that's good babe," instead of an " it was alright."

I cooked Thai Green Chicken Curry, and my oh my was is delish.  I was so proud.  And you want to know what the best part was?  It was made from scratch...sort of.  Well anyways, heres the recipe ::

1 TBLSP Veg oil
2 oinions chopped
1 cup of chopped mushrooms
3 TBLESP Thai green curry paste
1 kg bonless chicken thigh or breast fillets, chopped
4 TBLESP fresh basil leaves
6 Kaffir lime leaves, shredded (due to reading the ingredients wrong, I actually used 6 mints leaves....which also tasted nice.)
2.5 cups cocnut milk
2 TBLSP Thai fish sauce
3 Chili peppers (optional)

1:: Heat oil in a saucepan over a high heat, add oinionsand muchrooms and cook for 3 minutes or until oinions are golden. Sti in curry paste and mix for 2 min. or until fragrant.

2:: Add chicken, basil, lime leaves, coconut milk, peppers, and fish sauce and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for about 15-20 minutes, or until chicken is tender or sauce is thick.  Serve and garnish with extra basil.

I highly suggest trying out this recipe.  It's yummers. Now if you would excuse me, I got sme left overs to conquer.....

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