Friday, 25 June 2010

Pea Porridge

Hands down, best dinner I've had over here in England.  Place is called, "Pea Porridge" and the food is to DIE for.  Well...I wouldn't die for it, but I'll risk the chance of getting a paper cut for it.

So the hubby and I like to splurge on a good dinner once in a while....just to add a little pepper into our lives.  The other day, was one of those days.  Originally we planned to eat at this place in our hood call "The Old Cannon Brewery."

It's a cute little brewery with really good beer.  What's even better is that the beer is el cheap-o.  Huge plus on my list.  So anyways, being the lushes we are, we picked this place to live out our splurge night. Only thing is, we were turned down because they were booked for the night, although there was enough room for me to complete 10 sets of cartwheels.  Oh well, their loss, obviously they don't know what kind of heffahs me and the hubby can be.  

So after our cheap delish beer, we walked across the street to dine at this hidden gem.  An English chap at the brewery even recommended this place after he discovered we were restaurantless.  I wish I had a picture of this cute little restaurant.  And I wasn't able to find a picture of it online.  So, please bear with me whilst I describe this place with my choice of vocabulary.  So when I walked in, description that labeled this place was posh cottage.  It's a small little place with wooden furniture, and floors, and floral and lace drapery, splashed with a bit of modern sheek accessories.  It was like nothing I've see before.
As soon as I walked it, it's like my pinky automatically wanted to stick up in the air.  It was that posh.

So let's get to the good part.  First of all, please take a look at the menu and prepare to salivate.

So the dish I ordered was the Duck confit with something something posh posh.  It was pretty much Duck slightly sear with mashed potatoes and capers over a bed of cooked cabbage and a good sauce.  This is why I do not write menus for a living.  

Before that, they gave us complimentary Pea Croquettes, which look like this...

and tasted like this.....YUMMO!

For appetizer we had this salad that consisted of goat cheese, beets and foliage of some sort.  But was Damn good as well.  They also gave us complimentary asiago ciabatta bread with sea salt and butter.  Another yummy!  Dessert, we had to pass, my stomach was about to kill me for abusing it.
 I was so into the moment I totally forgot to take pictures of the other stuff we devoured.  But anyways.  I hope you get the idea of how good this dinner was.  If you're ever in my hood, I highly recommend. 

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