Wednesday, 23 June 2010

#10 for the month of June

So remember I said that on my top 10, my #10 man is like a wild card?  Which means I can change him because I have such a big a heart and that I love to  Well....I have changed my number 10 for the month of June.  When I made my final list my #10 was Craig David.  Such a beautiful man.  Now, with all this World Cup Frenzie, I have now gained a liking for USA's goalie :: Tim Howard.  So my type.  So much my type that my husband called him out as me jocking him even before I was able to drop a drip of drool from my lusting mouth.

OMG,  not only is he an absolute kick ass goalie, but, in my eyes he's gorgeous.  Not as gorgeous as Cristiano Ronaldo of course....but his swagger on the field has got me smitten.  It's the little things that does it for me.  Here's more information about this wonderful player.

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