Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Oh, the single life.  Because I am now married, and it is considered a sin to love or sleep with another person,  unless I practice monogamy, I now live bicariously through my fabulous single friends.  In a way, I'm kind of happy that I'm married, that way I don't have to deal with these guys trying to get you off with the touch of the send button, but I kinda wish that I was able to experience something like this....because, well....it's pretty damn funny!

OK.  Sexting.  The futuristic way to have phone sex.  It's kind of a funny concept.  Actually what's even funnier is the person sending the sext.  I don't know.  To me, that person is like a trashy sex novel author describing a sex scene.  Maybe their mothers read one too many trashy Danielle Steel novels when they were pregnant with them.  Just a theory.

Anyways.  Some guys can be real raunchy with their Sexts, describing a bit too much....and maybe sometimes attaching visuals that are just unnecessary.  Now, I know that men are not the type to be much into detail and stuff.  I mean, whenever I ask my guy friends to describe how someone they work with looks like, and they can't, I think to myself, Holy geesh.....do they ever make use of their eyes?  But if it pertains to sexting,  holy canoli, can you say Shakespeare!?   When it comes to sexting, they can be so visual that I swear their ding dongs might as well be swinging out of your phone!  It' so funny how much into this activity guys can get.

Here's a great example::

      "Yea,  if ur at the
         Hilton waitin  for
         me in sum sexy
         lingerie, high
         heels, oils, sex
         toys, porn and a

Laugh Out Loud!  Yes, this is an ACTUAL sext from a friend's "friend."  Crazy, huh?

It kind of makes you wonder.  They get so descriptive in sexting you and  how they want to do you and stuff, but can they practice what they preach....and then some?

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