Saturday, 8 May 2010

The joy of shopping

Shopping.  A favorite past time of many wives.  Some people may say it's a form of confidence booster or a sort of anti-depressant, but's just something I can do very well.

If you put me in a mall for 8 hours, I can easily max out 3 credit cards and fill up a car trunk full of wonderful items that I absolutely do not need.  What makes me an expert at this sport, is that the items that I buy are usually such great deals, you would consider me a robber.  Also, the items that I buy tend to be something that people wouldn't even think about buying or looking at, but when I put them to use....they are all of a sudden the coolest thing in the world.   Yes, I'm that good.  :)

I would also consider shopping my happy pill as well, but it's not the idea of getting something new that gets me all happy and giddy inside, but it's the experience of the shopping with other people that morph me into a goofy little dork giggling non-stop with delight.

So a few days ago, 3 other girlfriends of mine and I visited one of my favorite places in California.  The Great Mall.  This place is like my own little amusement park.  I mean, I can get prizes in each store, eat all kinds of food, meet all kinds of characters, stand in long check out lines, and walk around until my feet throb.  Also, like many other amusement parks, one day is not enough time for me.

 One of the places I was so looking forward to was this Japanese Ichiban store call "Daiso." This one store carries all sorts of thing-me-bobs that you don't need, but must absolutely have.  They sell things from black Q-tips, to steamers, to chopsticks, to origami paper, to glue for socks so that they don't roll down your leg.  Yes.  Very cool.

After donating my money to this wonderful store, my gal pals and I began to take over this mall.  I would say we really did our part in stimulating the economy in pretty much every store we stepped foot into.  You're welcome Mr. Obama.

One thing I must talk about, and what was pretty much a highlight of the spree, was meeting......drum rollll......ZOHAN!!!!! Ok, ok, we didn't meet the real Zohan, he doesn't exist.  BUT we did meet an Isrealean, who used to be in the Isrealean army, and now does hair.  After finding out where he was from and his background, I officially named him Zohan.  

He was quite the character.  He was trying very hard to flirt with one of my friends, and he was a funny guy who's accent made you want to drink a fizzy bublech. It was a pretty awesome experience. He eventually sold a curling iron who's original price was around $200ish dollars to my friend, whom he was later trying propose marriage to, for 90 bucks.  

One of the items that he was selling was a crimper....WHICH I so wanted, being a lover of the 80's.  But I thought 60 bucks was a bit too pricey for something that I later discovered, still had.

So after that entertaining moment, me and my heffa friends decided to refuel on some burrito grub, donate a little more to the economy and then turn my car trunk into a stock room of purchases. 

It's moments like these that make this wifey one happy camper.  The husband....that's another story....

PS:: My most favorite purchase of the day?

My pet L.A.M.B.  

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Chela said...

this was such a happy day for us all!!! I love the crimp picture and the trunk full of goodies!