Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dooooooown South!

Today lover man and I, along with his cool niece and nephew will be taking a 5 plus hour long drive through the beautiful state we call California.  Destination....LLLLLAAAAA!!!!! Excitement is building in my pants!

 I can't wait to see the place that pretty much labeled California as the sunny state full of surfers and blondes and beaches galore.

 The land where Rodeo Drive is used as one of the icons to create a status of wealth.

 The residence of half the people starring on TV or your local movie theater!  Also, residence of the beautiful smog.

 LA just wouldn't be LA without it....
This time we'll be skipping good ol' DisneyLand, and will be gracing Universal Studios with out presence.

What's going to be the best about this trip is that, I will be joining mi familia down there.  Can't get enough of my good ol family.  They are the best!!!!!

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Chela said...

BTW, last time I was on Rodeo Drive, Miss Jay was walking around looking, oh so fabulous! Hope you run into some celebs.. cuz I know your a celebrity junkie!