Friday, 12 March 2010

My America overseas

"So Amy, do you miss America?"  Hmmm....yes and no.  Yes, because I miss the people I call my friends and family, and no, because I can go to America all I want.  ???? No I'm not no millionaire that can jet-set to America like some very fortunate people can.  "My America" is actually the military base. If it weren't for the base, I'd probably be rocking myself in a corner crying for Taco Bell or going mad because my mind can't take the money conversion anymore.  

Because of the military government, I am able to indulge in the same luxuries the American's in the states get to.  I can have my Enchirito anytime I want, have "real" American burgers, spend my dollars, have Baskin Robbins, send mail out with the same American rates, and speak to people that get my American lingo.  I must admit, although they do speak English over here, I still don't understand some of the word usage that these Brits speak.

Our lively looking post office::::::::

It's kind of entertaining being on base as well.  You still see those young teen-age couples that walk around with that one friend tagging along. Tons of Dooney and Burke and Coach bags decorate, I would say a bout 90% of the military wives here.  I tend to pass by about 5 cars a day on base with the front and back windows tinted. Yes, people still have scrapers here.  I'm also amongst a plethera of American accents as well.  "Hey ya'lls," "dude," "Sup my nigs," and even the almighty California popular word, "hella," surrounds my every move.  It's a melting pot of all the states of America.  Pretty strange, but cool experience.

Now, let's talk about the food.  Ok, so we don't get some of the good stuff like Jack in the Box, or In n Out, but we are blessed with the  tastes of Taco Bell, Popeye's and Burger King.  We also have a restaurant that sells soul food and yummy steak.  So I'm all set with my tummy.  no complaints here. Also, when I have a sweet tooth, Cinnabon and Baskin Robbins grace me with their presence.  The US government knows how to take care of their peeps.

The Commissary AKA Lucky, Raleys, whole foods.....etc.:::::

So, I must admit, the shopping here isn't as great.  We have this thing called the BX where they sell products from the states, but it's not too fulfilling, in my standards anyway.  They do sell all every fragrance in the states, DVDs and DS games galore, they even sell Victoria's Secret, BUT I still miss my late evening rendezvous at Target, and shopping at the Great mall for 8 hours straight.  But it's ok, I'm currently converting over to the UK stores for peace of mind.

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