Sunday, 28 March 2010

I heart them

Sigh. Sunday morning.  With a smile on my face.  Usually, my Sunday mornings consist of a throbbing head, and my right side glued to my bed. This one, however, is lovely.  Just bloody lovely.  This week has been just absolutely fantastical.  From re-connecting with old friends, googling and baby talking with nieces and nephews, to chatting with the parentals, and singing with my old choir.  I truly feel like I'm on cloud 9.  Yes, of course, I wish I had my homie with me, but that will happen within the next few days. Excitement!  More to come.  Till then.....


1 comment:

Chela said...

awww... the babies are so cayoooote! and we don't look that bad either! hah! U need to show your fabulous hair style too!!!