Saturday, 22 October 2011


Many a times, I tend to complain about the hubby and certain actions he commits and makes me question what I was thinking the day we wedded.  Other times, I am head over heels and am so thankful for the man that I have in my life.

I'm having one of the good times.

So my lover is a firefighter.  Unlike many other married couples, where they sleep together every night in the same bed, I get that every other day.  See, because their occupation consists of them saving other people's lives and to be on call whenever a "stranger danger" type deal happens.  Their occupation requires that they reside at their job place for at least 24 hours.  Which means, my husband goes to work at 7am in the morning, and does not return until 8am the next morning.  Yay me.

So anyways, today is the man's off day.  Being that it is normal for the wife to cook the husband dinner after a long day's work, every other morning I tend to my breakfast cooking duties for my hungry firefighter.

Today's an exception and I got lucky.    Being that it's my day off and it's a Saturday, I like to take advantage of that and sleep in and be lazy all morning.  It's only right.  And because my husband is so amazing, he made it happen.  What made it even better was that I didn't ask him to make breakfast, he did it on his own.

What was awesome was that he actually came home with a bag full of groceries and became iron chef.  He fried bacon, sausages, toasted bread, cooked eggs, and grilled some mushrooms and created a full english breakfast.  Fatty Girl is H.A.P.P.Y!

Today's technique that he used to create such a wonderful breakfast was move his tongs to the sound of loud music.  Whatever works for him, and if loud music helps him create such delish dishes like this...

...then more power to him.

Anyways, after seeing him set the table full of condiments and napkins placed pretty under silverware, I realized what a good guy I if only he would just stop being annoying.....

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