Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My husband's trying to kill me

No....I didn't marry an Ax Murderer.  But I did marry a muscle man.  Therefore, involving me in various things that involve becoming fit.

Well....this morning, whilst I was peacefully making coffee and preparing my healthy little breakfast, I get a call from my firefighter.  He asks if I wanted to register for a marathon.  Me, being a virgin to the marathon world, and a naive little girl, I said yes.

I highly regret that answer.  I mean, I should have known what kind of marathon it was by just the name.  SPARTAN RACE.  "Spartan" should have been the giveaway.  I guess, with my current obsession with the TV show "Spartacus," anything to do with Roman warrior type characters didn't seem all that bad.  I was wrong.

After a whole day of work, and peaceful errands, I finally got to check out what this marathon was all about.  This is what I saw

And This is how I will be looking like, but in a woman form during the race.

And I probably will be feeling like this at the finish line

After I watched that intimidating trailer, my legs went numb.  I already felt my back go out.  And my arms felt like spaghetti.  I mean, from going to no marathons, to doing a crazy one like this, it's like doing a Jon and Kate plus 8.  From no kids to a gazillion, and wearing yourself out.  No bueno.

I'm scared out of my mind.  I better survive.

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