Friday, 3 June 2011

Full English Brekkie

Food has always been the devil to me.  If God were a vegetable, and the devil were meat, I might as well burn in Hell.....because me and meat have got some kind of love affair going on.

It took me a while to start this blog, because everytime I came around to do so, as soon as I was looking for the right images and uploading mine for this blog, my mouth would water like crazy at the savory images, and I would have to take a sausage break.  England has got me on some sausage craze, and it's not funny. Here, mira,  let me show you why this blog took a while::

I must admit, while this image was uploading, I took a snack break.  But anyways....on with my story.  

So every country is always known for a type of famous dish, or piece of food that pretty much serves as their culinary mascot.  Well....England, is known for this.  Their full English Breakfast AKA a triple bypass on your morning plate.

Being that this dish contains 3 of my favorite foods, mushrooms, bacon, and eggs, this dish was a winner for me.  But because my belly was starting to look larger than the kegs at the local pub....I had to sustain from this delightful dish. 

But last weekend, me and the man went and enjoyed us some QT time at a local restaurant to fill us up with some good ol' English FAT.  What I love about eating out for breakfast over here is this.  First of all, you don't get an entire bible of all kinds of breakfasts, where you pretty much contemplate for 15 minutes on what to get, and then feel pressured that the waitress or waiter keeps asking if you're ready, then you order, and when the food comes, you realize you should have gotten something else.  To keep it simple,  all menus over here pretty much consist of the same ingredients, just prepared in different ways.  Just think Taco Bell.  So pretty much you get to chose from whatever is pictured above, plus or minus a piece.  IE., if you were to add, you would most likely add a a fried tomato, a piece of toast, or bread, or fried toast.  Yes, fried toast, as if all the meats and other fried goodies weren't enough for your heart.
Some English brekkies may also include black pudding.  Now, I really wish I were talking about pudding, as in Bill Cosby pudding, but unfortunately my friends, it's this
You see those 3 black circles on the right?  Yeah.  That's a black pudding.  What it is, is pretty much blood sausage.  Uh huh, yeah.  GeeRossss.

Anyways, yeah. So another thing that I enjoy about eating out for breakfast is the cute little restaurants that hold all of us hungry fatties.  It's always held in a quaint little English room with hard floors, and most of the eateries are mainly manned by families.  So you would have the kids seat us, and serve us, and mom and dad would be in the kitchen cooking some homemade breakfast.  Also....Me and the hubby always tend to be the youngest people in the restaurant, except the young'ns servicing the place.  You literally have the moms and pops coming in to eat, and what's even cuter is that they all know eachother, and conversations of all their grandkids, and children's accomplishments, and talks of pop culture consisting of that Lady Gaga lass,  begin to infiltrate your eardrums.  I really find it endearing.

So anyways, me and the hubby had our share of our English breakfast for the month last weekend.  Here's my heart attack on a plate that I devoured like a madwoman
A quarter way through my dish, I forgot that I was planning on blogging about this....hence the reason you see a picture of my already eaten plate.  Do you see my fried toast on the left?  It was delightful.  And I must say this breakfast is VERY hangover happy.  

Also, to show you how simple these Brits are let me show you how they display their condiments
Bottles and pretty containers????  Fah Ghet About it!  Why waste your money and time filling those up when these badboys already come in their own packaging?

Anyways....that's my schpeal on this wonderful English mealtime.  K.  I'mma eat now.  Baiiiyeeeee!

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