Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fashionista mode

Feeling all inspired now that I have just shopped like mad over the weekend, I'm gonna get all fashion magazine editor on you all.

Nothing inspires me more than fashion.  It inspires me creatively, it somehow motivates me to see the world, and it makes me feel good inside.  Let me create the equation that fits into those three things that cause me to be inspired.

Creatively :: Putting clothes together, to me, is like putting fonts and colors, and shapes together to create a beautiful design.  With clothes, I tend to experiment with different textures and colors, like I would with fonts and shapes, and try to create something pleasing to all those various eyes I encounter on the street.  Also, seeing unique and trendy outfits, turn on my creative mode, and inspires me.  Like this outfit

The way she paired up the ripped jeans with the casual navy top, only to spice it up with those layered rhinestone bracelets and beautiful bold flower necklace, is a great example of how to express yourself creatively through threads and accessories.

Worldwide travel motivation:: Every country has their own staple of style.  

This one reminds of of Savannah, Georgia for some reason.  This whole picture, complete with the casual flats and loose fitting blouse, the summer hat,  dressed down even more with that leather buckle belt, and then adding the southern bell touch with the feminine skirt shoots me into a down south type of mode.  I hear crickets when I see this pic.  But that's just me....

Then this picture here brought me back to my Academy of Art college days.  Most of the students from Hong Kong and Japan tended to wear outfits like so.  And yes.....they did wear heels to school.  The colors they wore were so, "OMG, I would have never thought of pairing those together, but it looks damn cute!"  They always surprised me with what they  pulled out of their closets each day.  So yeah, this is one of those outfits that amazed me, and hence making me want to mingle amongst all the asian fashionistas in their coordinating countries.

These 2 pics remind me of the 2 sides of Italy.  One of the countries I absolutely fell in love with,  not only for their beautiful people, but their beautiful clothes, accessories, history, scenery, food, so on and so forth
This chic right here brought me back to the time I went clubbing in Italy.  All the women were dead sexy like her.  I felt like such a hobnob dancing within the sea of effortless gorgousness.  I wanted to go up to all of them and call them, "Bitch" out of envy.  I mean, the way she paired up the cool rocker tee and the short shorts to show off her long envious legs, only to accentuate those bad boys even more with those sexy "fuck me" heels, and then to rock the outfit even more with her boyish rocker haircut, makes me want to slap the hoe for looking so sexy.  I bet you if I were to wear that same outfit and have the same hair, people would as why that "boy" is wearing heels.  SMH...

This other outfit reminds me of Italia as well.  This brought me back to the time when I shopped in Rome. Again, effortless beauty.  She looks so comfortable in her flowy threads, but looks so well put together.  sigh.....Italia

Now, just ignore the written part of the picture and try to think what foreign country this picture reminds me of....
Yup....good ol' Paris.  The femininity and the drama in this outfit screams, "Paris, best dressed Bitches!" But in a more elegant way of course.  I love how the dramatic lace sleeves add the elegance to this black dress, along with the volume in the skirt. Only to be toned down with the girly flats.  Also, notice she isn't wearing any jewelry to make it more than it should be.  I tell yah, these French girls were born with cute outfits on.  

Feel good inside:: Fashion is my way of expressing how I feel each day.  If I'm feeling blah, obviously sweats and trainers would be my outfit of choice. If I were feeling girly, a dress with the right accessories to make it a "me" outfit would suit my needs.  I'm my own canvas,  the clothes are my paint, and my mood is the artist.

I'm so happy that clothes were invented.  I could not imagine walking around naked.  I think if we still were walking around naked or draped with rags, I would die an unhappy and uninspired person.  So thank you Fashion.  You're fab.

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