Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blood in a log

So I've finally given in, and tried my first slice of black pudding.  I totally wish I were talking about the powdered one that comes in a box where all you have to do is add water....

I unfortunately am talking about the one that come in a log form....where all you have to do to get rid of the rank aftertaste is drink water.

See, black pudding is pretty much a well endowed log of sausage that contains all kinds of inside shit (literally) from a pig, and fat, and some even still have coagulated blood, hence the dark color.

Here's more info, just in case you're interested....

So anyways....here I am, hanging with the hubby at the firehouse, after I got off work.  Usually after I work a 4.5 hour day from 1-4:45pm, I tend to become a hungry hippo, and the only thing on my mind is anything that fits into my needy belly.  So midway into devouring my yummy Popeye's popcorn shrimp, and being in piggy mode, one of Rick's British fellow firefighters brings up the subject that I was always too scared to tackle.  Trying Black pudding.  AND it so happened that he had a few logs up in the station fridge.  Great.  And after asking me in front of a few of the firefighter guys, and not wanting to look like a little prissy sissy, I agreed to try some and a slice was served.

I must admit....the look of the thing is a bit intimidating::

I mean, unless it were a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips, I probably would have eaten something that looked like this.  But the fact that this was supposed to be a sausage AND looked like this, scared the HELL out of me.  But again....guys were around me, and my feminine machoness didn't want to sissy out.  

So I took a slice, chewed with all eyes on me....and I must say, it pretty much tasted like sausage....that is until the blood taste crept up into my mouth.  Now, in my culture, we have this dish called Dinagoan.....I think that's how you spell it.  It's pretty much a dish with the same insides of an animal, mixed with blood and vinegar, and other food type things to make it taste better, that is usually served over rice, which helps take away the blood taste.  And, after eating the the black pudding, it did taste a bit like Dinagoan....but I prefer the filipino way better.  Sorry Brits.  Eating the insides of a pic and its blood in a solid form made me feel a bit queasy.

But anyway, yeah.  Black pudding.  I can proudly say that I tried this piece of food.....and although Rick's co-worker gave us a huge log (because I accidentally gave the impression that I LOVED this, to avoid hurting his feelings) for free....I now have plenty of this blood stick to digest for the rest of the year.  Mmmmmm....blood.....

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