Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Another Happy Song

So I hear that the X Factor US has started filming over yonder in the states. First off...I would just like to say, thanks for stealing Mr. Cowell's rude grace from our TV screens here.  Bastards.....

But yeah. So last year, when we had Mr. Cowell on the UK version of X Factor.....this guy, Olly Murs, was runner up on the show. I think he might has well have been the winner, because he's pretty badass...and the actual winner is....well, nowhere to be found.....And I totally cannot remember his name.

Anyways, Olly.  I love his style. He's so quriky. So happy sounding. He's a cutie. And he performs like a Mutha! As I was driving home from the gym this early beautiful sunny morning, this song popped on the radio, and I was another level happier. Watch and listen his cute new song, "Busy."
Makes you want to giggle and dance with glee donnit?

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