Tuesday, 22 March 2011

This is my heaven

So Mr. Love of my life has had the last 4 days off from work.  Which, he has been using some of that time to study for his rank.  Welp, between his studying time, we get some quality time.  And during our quality times, we have gallavanting time.  And during the gallavanting times, we create adventures.  And through one of my adventures is born a blog post.  Hence, this one coming up right now.

During gallavanting time yesterday, me and the lover journeyed over to good ol' London town.  Our main mission in London this time was to hit up Harrods.  We never took the energy to take that extra train ride there, but this time was an exception.  My lovely Brother and Sis-in-Law kindly gave me and the hubby a gift card to this wonderful department store over the holidays.  So, me and the the hubby thought, "Extra train trip to Harrods?  Gift card?  Why Noooooot???"

BTW, I would just like to take this time to thank Tony and Phi for this wonderful gift.  If it weren't for you two, I wouldn't have known what heaven was like before death, and this blog post would have never been born.  THANK YOU from Rick and Amy!


I must tell you, this little gift card that fit ever so compactly in my wallet, created such an amazing experience, I wanted to break down and cry.  I'm serious.  I take my shopping quite seriously, thank you. So anyways, being frugal shoppers that we are, we quickly stopped off at Camden and bought a cheap little meal that could fill us up for days, hence allowing us to avoid spending 50+ Pounds at Harrods.
5 pounds....Holla!

After filling our hungry bellies, a brief glance and rekindling my love for Camden once again, we hop on the train and bear the stinky riders that tend to sit so close, they might as well sit on your lap.  So we hop off the train, go up the escalator from the Underground....and low and behold to my right is.......yup....A ZARA!!!!

Then to my left, Harrods.  Right away, this was going to be a good sign.  I knew, however, that I had to sustain from being lead into Zara, because as soon as my eyes grew to the size of golf balls, Rick's head began to shake profusely, and I sensed a hostile husband/wife environment right then and there.  So, with all my might, I turned left and through the green doors we went.

Oh, My, goodness...As soon as we entered this ginormous place, it was, "Zara, who?" And I swore I heard Angels singing whilst playing harps.  I was in heaven.  There were designer bags everywhere, designer shoes, designer clothes, designer kitchenware, designer garden sets, and designer chocolate....whaaaaaaa???  Yeah, that's what I said.

So here I am strolling through prices that only exist after 3 digits, touching and gawking as though every item were a celebrity.  I also, discovered, that when I talk to other people around expensive items, I tend to whisper....I just feel that everything is so sacred and that my voice means nothing...it's amazing.

So the first thing me and the hubby do, is head straight into the food area.  Naturally.  Actually, it was all my doing, I saw an episode of Samantha Brown where she was at Harrods, and when she was in the food area, my heart was pounding, and my mouth was an open fire hydrant whilst watching her on the telly.  Well gee, in person, Gawd, my eye sensory went on overload...then my nose sensory overloaded, soon after my mouth sensory overloaded as well.  After passing through the sweets section, where all kinds of cakes, chocolates, fudge, cookies, macaroons lived, we then worked our way through the oyster bar, deli bar, sushi bar, to then the meat section, salad section, produce section, pizza section, water section, and finally settling down at the ice cream section.  It was here we dined on Spaghetti ice cream for almost 20 dollars.

 That's US dollars.  Was it worth it?  Eh, a toothpick would have made me happier.  BUT, what did make me a little happier, was the receipt we got.  I'm a sucker for paper and all kinds of media....but this receipt was awesome!  It was on thick white paper, with a smooth matte feel.  You know, the type of receipt you usually get when you buy designer items?  I felt so regal right then and there.

So onwards to spending our lovely gift card.  First stop, Mr. Vuitton's store.  We were trying to re-enact my close to purchasing a certain bag moment that we had in Paris, but we found that things in Pounds don't make our wallets as happy as it were spending in Euro.  Onwards.  We, continued to other handbags, where I found my dream bag, that will never be in my permanent presence, at Chanel....sigh.  At least I touched it and had a moment on my shoulder.

Then we moved onto smaller things...like shoes.  Lordy, we walked through brands like Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Hogan...and then I found myself  falling in love with some sneakers.....but couldn't justify spending 210 pounds on something that I knew would be walking through bird poop.  Onwards to clothes....again,  I felt as though I were in a movie full of celebrities.

 Didn't your heart just stop looking at those wonderful logos?  Well....I almost fainted.  And I was so scared to touch anything.  I felt like a peasant and my dirty hands would only taint these beautifully tailored threads.  I unwillingly trudged on to the next department.  My money was too lower class for these yummies.

We then proceeded to find a department that better suited our social status.  THE TOY SECTION!!!!!  Yeeeeah!  It was here I was happily skipping and speaking at normal voice level.  I was touching everything and tossing things that were priced under 2 digits with a snobby flair.  Also, these huge Teddy Bears that guarded this floor were so fluffy and soft I was geegling with delight!

 After picking up a few little souvenirs, we travelled to the garden section, in hopes of finding a garden gnome.  Yes, a garden gnome.
Don't ask me why, but I've been obsessed with trying to find one for our garden for the longest time.  But to no avail....

Also, still searching for my gnome during this Harrods trip,  but still to no avail.  BUT, I found something that made me want it so bad, I was willing to chain myself to it.  Check this bad boy out...
Seriously, I as soon as my eyes met this beautiful piece of art, scenes of how I was going to tuck this away in my purse started buzzing through my head.  But unless, I was Alice in Wonderland, that mission had to be aborted.  Then I tried the next option, maybe I could buy it?  So I looked at the price.  Oh, my Lord, I almost flat lined!  Can you please guess how much this cost????  Ahem...ok sit down and prepare yourself :: 5,060 POUNDS.  Yes, POUNDS.  I didn't even want to try and convert it to US dollars, I already heard my wallet deflate.

So after the hubby unwillingly dragged me to the next department, I finally came back to life and continued with the spending. Kitchenware.  SO it was here,  where the Harrods gift card was put to use.  Oh my, I was grabbing things left to right like a mad woman.  My most favorite purchase was a lemon squeezer by the designer Alessi

Purchases made, bags in hand the hubby and I decided to do one of our favorite past times.  
 and recapped about our day.  

I would say this was a perfect ending to a perfect day, said the shopaholic.

Harrods, I love you.

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