Thursday, 30 December 2010

One Crazy Fucked up Brit

So I know I said that I was going to be on a blogging break until after Jan 14th.  But this story that I discovered was way too intense not to share with ya’ll…

Ok, although I’m currently in the states, I still like to know what’s going on back in the the land of the Queen.  So, as a daily ritual, I visit the Sun News website, which is an English News site.  It keeps you updated on all the current events, star news, sports news, weird news, blah, blah, blah, pretty much anything that exists in England.  It's a great site, check it!

So as I was performing my daily ritual, I stumbled upon this shocking story and character.  

The Crossbow Cannibal.  Sounds like a horrible independent movie title doesn’t it?  My friends, I wish it was.

Apparently, England houses this crazy fuck named Stephen Griffiths. The deal with this guy is this.  He was recently arrested due to the fact that he had been proven to have killed 3 prostitutes.  Ok, as sad as it is,  that sounds like the norm for this day and time in our society….but, unfortunately there is more to this twisted and crazy killer.
After killing these unsuspecting women, this foo' freakin ATE his victim’s flesh!  Yes, you heard me right ladies and gentlemen, ATE his victims. A-T-E.  That means, he took a piece of their flesh after killing them, put it in his mouth and digested it.  Sick is not even the right word to describe what kind of psycho idiot this man is to me. 

Another thing that got me all riled up about him, is that after he killed his latest victim with a crossbow (hence, the nickname crossbow cannibal), he freakin did a victory dance, flipped off the CCTV camera in his flat complex, made a toast with a bottle of Sprite, dragged that poor lady into his flat and feasted on her.  I seriously thought these type of people only existed in fictional movies, he has proven me wrong.

It is also being brought up that he may have more victims. CUH-RAY-ZEE!  I seriously think that his punishment should consist of him being locked up with a bald headed tatted up 450lb inmate that smells of bad BO and sweats 24/7, become his Bitch and be sexually assaulted EVERY SINGLE DAY of his life, and have him lick his ass dry right after he shits, since he likes the taste of human flesh so much.  But that’s just me and my thoughts.  I’d like to grab a crossbow and show him how to use it.  He Needs to go.

Check out the articles about him…..


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with everything youve said about the crossbow idiot......ive been telling the police for 10 years what he is capable of doing without any authority taking me seriously....My name is kathy hancock and i meet him in 2000 and until may 2010 (when he was arrested for murder) all i have done is constantly try to get away from him. from 2008 onwards ive had him arrested for harrasment, had 2 non molistation orders implemented, been in police protective custody twice, police alarms fitted in house, solicitors and courts orders applied....and are you ready for this.....none of it made any difference, he was still only arrested and either talked his way out of it or the crown prosecution service (with FULL written, vocal, independent wittnessess and statements, emails, texts, landline etc etc) DROPPED all charges i had against him......i quote after he was given a 6 months conditional disscharged and told to leave me alone again that they dont think he will commit any further offences so "it is not within the public interest to persue it any further and have dropped all charges" and that was sent to me by letter jan 26th 2010 my birthday, now then after that date the last 2 women were murdered........i am totally angry and frustrated that no one has understood that yes im alive and i survived him but that i have files of paperwork just from 2008 onwards that proves our justice system is totally failing in its fundamental basic duty of care .........nothing is being done to stop people like that from doing exactly what they want.......then, today or in the future..........and my voice is still silent to them all, and the families of the women deserve an explanation and an offical apology.....but thats just my thoughts

aimes88 said...

I cannot believe that all that was ignored! I'm thankful for your voice on this blog and that you are alive and safe. I seriously agree with all that you have said and I hope that the government does more to protect their people.